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How a recruiter can help you build a stronger team

The generalised reputation of recruiters enters a room well before the consultant does. In fact, the taglines ‘no recruiters please’, ‘we aren’t using recruiters any more’ or ‘thank you, we will contact you if we don’t have any luck’ are often the first words we see on advertisements when job hunting. The reason for this is that there’s a mistrust, due to bad experiences or doubts over the motivation of a recruiter.

When you understand a business it’s easy to find the right fit – the missing piece of the puzzle. If you are looking for someone to partner with your business to help you find the missing pieces, whether that be a person, an operational service or to build a plan around upskilling your team, it is important that you feel comfortable with the level of interest the prospective consultant shows in your business.

Share your vision: what is it that you are trying to achieve? Talk through your business plan and your opportunities for improvement. When you share this information you are opening yourself to receiving a different perspective. There may be an opportunity for repurposing of staff or a revised team structure to ensure you are maximising growth and focusing on the need that has to be filled rather than just the role.

When you understand a business it’s easy to find the right fit – the missing piece of the puzzle.

Share your culture: what is it like to be part of your team? Discuss the engagement activities and the general team vibe so that it’s easy for your consultant to picture the type of human that will fit into the office and feel comfortable. People spend most of their waking time at work – they need to be happy, feel safe, respected and enjoyed.

Share your success: what does this look like for you and how can you help your next team member be successful? Things like the assurance of kicking goals and winning recognition, whether that be through process improvement, sales wins, new business, leasing properties – regardless of the area – help a team member feel appreciated. Having a clear understanding of how a team member can show their contribution will help your consultant engage the right talent.

Often we hear concern regarding keeping good talent. I think it is important to feel reassured that you are aligned with your consultant and that the intention is for everyone to be working towards the common goal of keeping an employee engaged and onboard. If there are early signs or red flags for either party you should feel assured that there is an open line of communication for everyone to work through opportunities to improve, so that the financial and physical investment is honoured and given a chance before making any decisions on next steps.

People placement is not a one-size-fits-all. It’s important to work together with people you trust in sharing your business journey, to ensure you find the missing piece of your human puzzle.

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