House hunting just got smarter: AI Dream Home helps buyers bring their imaginations to life

US-based listings portal has unveiled an innovative, AI-powered property search platform that allows buyers to render their ideal home.

In what’s believed to be a first of its kind, AI Dream Home allows buyers to enter a simple prompt or description of their dream home before the AI platform searches all listings on to find properties that match. says the description can be almost anything, and if a buyer can imagine it, AI Dream Home can create it.

It even offers a downloadable image of the home and then multiple options of homes that are on the market in real life.

SVP Brand and Executive Creative Director,, Nuno Ferreira said AI Dream Home was literally about making dreams come true.

“At its core,® is a technology company that serves the real estate industry and that’s why we’re excited to use tech like AI to power the future of home search,” he said.

“ ‘s new experience lets people search with the power of their own imagination instead of radial buttons or drop down menus, to design a home that fits their vision. 

“And the truth is, if it exists in their minds, there’s a good chance a real-life version also exists on®.”

Simple prompts could include:

  • a cape cod home with grey wood-siding and white-trimmed windows, two-storey.
  • a mid-century modern, one-storey with an orange door and white exterior.

Mr Ferreira said the AI Dream Home builder could assist buyers who were seriously house hunting and those dreaming about ‘what might be’ and help people zero in on the exact style of home they like.

The platform uses image recognition technology to search’s hundreds of thousands of listings to find the closest visual matches to physical homes.

Addition Technologies worked with to create AI Dream Home and co-founder and chief executive officer Paul Aaron said the technology was also about engagement.

“Most people think of Generative AI in terms of content creation, but these models can also be powerful tools for content discovery,” he said.

“With AI Dream Home, we’ve brought AI’s content creation and content discovery capabilities together to create a more visually engaging way of finding homes.”

To start building your AI Dream Home, visit: 

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Kylie Dulhunty

Kylie Dulhunty is the Editor at Elite Agent.