Harris Real Estate: Investing in Their PMs

Coinciding with last week’s call for changes to SA property manager licensing,  Harris Real Estate held its inaugural property management kick start event in Adelaide this week, calling their team to “Gear Up for 2017”.

At a time when the level of expertise and training needed to be an effective property manager is being recognised and the numbers of renters versus buyers shifts, as an industry, we should be looking hard at the changing role of the property manager.

“Today was an inspiring day for our team to take a balanced view of not just property management but also looking at better health and self-management skills.” said Phil Harris, director of Harris Real Estate.

The event began with presentation from Samantha Young of Broomhall Young Psychology who discussed stress management and staying mentally healthy in the stress-rich context of property management.

“We also gained insights from one of Australia’s experts in Sarah Bell who was just outstanding for day-to-day tactical details. She’s great.” said Phil of Sarah.

Sarah Bell presented an extended version of her ARPM keynote “Youber” and looked at what aspects of the role of a property manager really represented value to the 21st century landlord and tenant.

“It was good to get our property managers thinking about the things that they could shift to [in their roles] that would have an impact, in real time – today”, stated Phil, who rounded out the day’s presentations with a call to property managers to become obsessively customer-centric.

A surprise roof climb activity at the Adelaide Oval saw the group active and engaged through the afternoon –  meeting the physical challenge of the climb, whilst building skills in resourcefulness, communication, problem-solving and teamwork.

Event organiser Heidi Jenkins said they were hoping to include the property management kickstart as a staple in the Harris calendar as part of their commitment to people and culture.

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