Greenview Real Estate: 100 days of exceptional service

Launching their own business wasn’t a decision Victorian agents Shami Hamdam and Sorush Nazari took lightly.

But 100 days after the unveiling of Greenview Real Estate, it’s a leap the pair are thrilled to have made.

Sorush and Shami launched Greenview in late May, in partnership with the Agents’Agency.

Their vision was to service the City of Casey with exceptional real estate insight and a personalised approach.

Three months later, the pair are already kicking goals and gaining traction in their local marketplace.

“We’ve been very busy getting the brand out there, building our sales pipeline and creating a social media presence,” Shami says.

“We’ve had a lot of people who have been seeing our videos and congratulating us on the launch of the new brand.”

Sorush and Shami had previously worked together and had long envisaged starting their own real estate brand to capitalise on their collective expertise.

Partnering with the Agents’Agency allowed them to take that step sooner than expected, with the pair attracted to freedom of doing things their own way, yet still having a raft of back-of-house support at their fingertips

Shami notes that support has been a game changer as the Greenview Real Estate team establishes itself in the Casey marketplace.

“We’re really happy with everything the Agents’Agency has done for us,” Shami says.

“Whether it’s the marketing campaign for a property or paperwork, they’re always there to support us if ever we need anything.”

With administrative tasks taken care of, Shami and Sorush have more time and energy to focus on building their business and they’ve been pleasantly surprised by the support of their previous and existing clientele.

“A lot of people are worried about whether clients will opt to work with a new business,” Shami explains.

“But we’re really finding that’s unwarranted. They don’t care who you’re working for or the name on the door, they just care that it’s us who will be representing them.”

With their launch and first 100 days now under their belt, Shami and Sorush are focused on the future.

“As a team we want to write a million dollars this financial year,” Shami says.

“Once we’re there a lot of doors open up to us, including having the financial capacity to open a physical office.

“We’ve hit the ground running and it’s onwards and upwards from here, so that’s exciting.”

Asked if they’d take the business leap again, Shami says “absolutely”.

“We’d 100 per cent do it again, and we’d certainly recommend the Agents’Agency to others considering taking that next step and launching a brand.”

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