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Gain a competitive advantage in your office with Absolutely Brilliant

Updated: 10 October

Absolutely Brilliant is a new service that allows agencies to have a team of real estate professionals answering their callers 24 hours a day; even looking after the agencies’ staff mobiles and dealing with their calls when they can’t. It’s like the agency and their staff having personal assistants. And for an agency and their staff to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the cost is less than a McDonald’s Happy Meal. At less than $7 a day to use the marketing advantage of advertising they are available 24 hours a day, just one new listing a year pays for the cost of the service five times over.

Times have changed with more than 40% of people doing their property research after hours. They demand and expect immediate service – no matter what time of the day or night. 75% of callers don’t leave messages – they simply ring a competitor. It is these 40% of property hunters that is the real opportunity for an agency to grow their market share, win more listings and make more commissions.

The Absolutely Brilliant team will do this by becoming your virtual assistant – answering your office phone, personal mobile phone or tenant emergencies to assist when you are unable to do so. Team members are based in Australia and every single team member has a real estate background, so you can rest assured they are experienced and efficient. You’ll never miss an opportunity to gain new clients again!

The Absolutely Brilliant service comes with a major marketing bonus – giving the agency a real competitive advantage. All clients of Absolutely Brilliant can enrol their tenants in Renters Assist. It’s just like Roadside Assist, but for tenants. Renters Assist provides real benefits to tenants – and it’s totally free for the tenants, the landlord and the agency.

The Renters Assist program gives tenants an emergency hotline number to call for all after-hour emergencies. Calls are fielded by our real estate professionals and true emergencies are handled using your preferred trades.

The Renters Assist program also offers discounts on a range of essentials and experiences. Tenants will also receive access to online shopping at some of your favourite stores with cash back guarantees (between 3% and 12%).

Landlords themselves will benefit from higher quality tenants, willing to pay increased rents; reduced maintenance costs and increased financial returns; 24/7 service; and discounts on services like insurance, finance and depreciation schedules.

Real estate never sleeps and smart agencies are capitalising on this opportunity to win more listings and make more money.
It’s Australian, it’s revolutionary and it’s Absolutely Brilliant.

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