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From Olympic Gold to real estate gold: Gail Miller reflects on Sydney 2000

Gail Miller is the founding director of Goldstone Property Sales, with two decades of experience in the real estate industry.

She’s worked as a property analyst, a project sales manager, and as director of sales and marketing for one of the largest project marketing groups in Australia.

Tucked away at the bottom of her CV, tossed in as an afterthought, is mention of a few other achievements: an Order of Australia, and an Olympic Gold medal. Gail was a member of the Australian water polo team that took out Gold at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

With this week marking the 20-year anniversary of the Games, we spoke to Gail about her memories of that time, and her career since.

I read you were studying a property economics degree while training for the Olympics. How on earth did you balance the two?

Yes, I was studying for my economics degree at the same time!

In the year of the Olympics I completed some subjects externally whilst we travelled overseas competing.  

I did however defer semester two to compete at the Olympics.  After the Olympics I got a full time job as a property analyst and completed my studies at night. The balance was at times tricky but I had a supportive university who enabled me to do both at once.

What elements of competitive sport have you taken into your career in real estate? 

I think the most prominent traits that have carried through from the sporting arena to the real estate profession have been: tenacity, consistency and a good work ethic.

Were there any specific things you had to curb at all, that simply weren’t useful in real estate?

My togs?!!

What does your day-to-day look like now? 

Life is pretty busy these days. I run my own project marketing agency and have four sons, all of whom are involved in sport.

Most mornings start at 5am (sometimes earlier if one of my sons has rowing training). Exercise is still a very important and valuable daily task that helps ready me for the day ahead.

Looking back at the Olympics 20 years on, how does it feel?

I think as you get older you reflect on certain memories like the Olympics with a lot more emotion.

As a parent, I now realise how much it meant to my mum and dad and how much they sacrificed in order for my brother and I to chase our dreams (my brother Paul also competed at the Sydney Olympics for boxing).

What are your fondest memories of that time?

My fondest memories are the times spent touring and competing with my team mates. We had some great times together and have stayed life long friends.

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