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First Ever Online Training Portal for Console Customers

The better your staff know the software they use, the more efficient they can be. But sometimes it is impractical to send them out of the office for training. Console are rolling out their first ever Online Training Portal which will eventually host courses for all Console software.

The initial courses, to be rolled out in February 2016, will focus on the property management software – GatewayLive. The portal will enable property managers to learn how to use the program quickly and efficiently.

One of the most important initiatives to boost training and support for Console clients, there are many benefits for GatewayLive customers who complete the training:


  • Level 1 is free and included in your subscription
  • Can be completed any time, anywhere, on any internet-connected device
  • Self-paced training can be completed in chunks or at once
  • Both visual and theory content for comprehensive learning
  • Staff receive Certificate of Completion for each level


  • Keep your knowledge of GatewayLive current
  • Get notified when modules are updated, so you can learn the changes straight away
  • The Certificate of Completion is proof that you know the software
  • All manuals and materials can be downloaded for later reference
  • Ability to revisit modules after the course is completed

Ultimately, this will enable real estate agencies to function more efficiently, and will also provide a fast and easy method for all staff to learn their software.

For more information visit console.com.au.

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