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Fiona Blayney: Balancing tech and the human touch

Fiona Blayney will be speaking at Prop20 in March and April. To register for this event visit

What is your primary passion in the real estate industry?
I enjoy the work I do with my coaching clients to positively impact their businesses.

I suppose you could say I’m passionate about people, property, purpose and potential.

What topic(s) will you be speaking on at Prop20?
Over the past decade, our industry has embraced technology as lots of bright shiny objects and an unwavering desire to try it all. It would be fair to say some businesses have focused on increasing their internal efficiencies, often at the expense of customer experience and relationship. The time has come to get it back on track with a healthy balance of tech to human relationships or risk losing it all.

Customers are comparing us with other industries, questioning supplier value, and identifying poorly constructed automations.

I’m looking forward to challenging thinking and prompting our industry to experience what it’s like to be a customer of their business and consider the relationships their consumers want, compared to what exists.

What are some predictions you would make in property management for 2020?
Consumers have access to a range of offerings which allow them an incredible amount of flexibility in procuring only the services they want and need. So there will be service providers who will meet those range of needs such as traditional real estate operators, boutique sole traders and cooperatives, through to full self-service or tech automation options. Consumers will continue to drive a desire for choice and other options will enter the market. For traditional agencies, this means using technology to support what they do, rather than making it who they are.

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