Expressway to excellence: Taney Jain on conquering challenges, dialing into prospecting prowess, and mastering the art of leadership

Step inside the mind of Taney Jain, an agent with almost a decade of experience but a lifetime of wisdom when it comes to crafting your own success and building a legacy through ambition, grit and reinvention.

Taney Jain didn’t stumble upon success, he meticulously engineered it.

Four months into his journey as the head of McGrath Estate Agents Werribee, Taney joins Samantha McLean on the Elevate podcast to share his path to business ownership.

Taney reveals how he turned a health crisis into an empire-building wake-up call, why he struck out on his own, and the sales strategies that saw him win the REIA and REIV top sales agents awards.

He also lets listeners in on why he and his team make 1000 calls a week, the battle-tested scripts that make prospecting, including cold-calling and door-knocking, not just simpler but highly effective, and he shares sage advice from industry titans like John McGrath and Tom Panos.

Taney tells Samantha about his approach to building his personal brand, becoming a household name in real estate, and why you can’t build a business, or a legacy, without a strong team around you.

But it’s not all business; Taney also delves into how spirituality guides his life and work, revealing why it’s important to be a good human and how gratitude fuels his drive.

“I never look at the competition. I never see what my competition is doing. I never see who is working in which real estate… I never look at other agents’ listings and who listed what… You need to have it in your mindset that you are the competition. That’s it. Nobody else is the competition.” – Taney Jain

Sam and Taney also discuss:

  • 07:15 From big rigs to big sales: Discover the life-altering moment that steered Taney away from a trucking career and into real estate stardom.
  • 09:48 No luck, all hustle: Taney spills the tea on his success formula—door knocking, cold calling, and game-changing advice from coach Tom Panos.
  • 12:00 Dialling into success: Why Taney’s team makes 1000 calls a week. Learn their cold-calling scripts and why a hang-up isn’t a setback.
  • 15:45 A wake-up call to legacy: The health crisis that led Taney to take the reins, launch his own agency, and set up a future for his family.
  • 18:15 Learning from legends: Taney shares the golden nuggets he picked up from John McGrath—insights you won’t want to miss.
  • 19:15 The power of balance: Navigating the high-risk, high-reward world of being a selling principal and why you need an A-team for long-term success.
  • 22:00 Become a household name: The strategy Taney used to become the name everyone knows when they think of real estate.
  • 23:00 Your only competition is you: Unlock Taney’s strategy for ignoring the competition noise and why his biggest opponent is the man in the mirror.
  • 25:40 Real estate with a soul: The spiritual dimensions of Taney’s career and how a simple practice of gratitude propels him forward.
  • 27:00 The future is now: Taney’s forward-thinking approach to blending human talent and tech for an unbeatable edge in the market.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.