Exciting gifts deepen connections for property clients

What was the last gift you shared with a customer? A scented candle? A calendar with a card?

Humdrum gifts will never compete with the chance to go parasailing in Queensland or a wine-tasting on the Margaret River, are they?

Yet it has never been easier to deliver exciting gift ideas to customers with the help of We Wander.

The company offers a range of memorable experiences in gift box packs available at the click of a mouse.

We Wander launched in 2017 and has been popular with real estate agencies saying thank you to their customers while also building the kind of long-lasting relationships every agent seeks.

There are more than 1300 experiences available, the ability to personalise gifts for your customers and package different experiences into a gift box.

The gifts remain valid for three years after the date of purchase, and they aren’t the kind of presents customers throw in the bin.

The We Wander range covers the categories adventure, wellbeing, escape and lifestyle, which includes everything from photography and Japanese cooking courses to true crime history tours and training sessions with netball and Super Rugby stars.

There are numerous opportunities for family experiences such as whale-watching, kayaking and zoo visits.

Australian entrepreneurs Tom Dufraisse and Eric Amiel, fresh from a day of surfing, were inspired to create a company that enhances the gift experience for everyone and fosters the kind of memories that last a lifetime.

We Wander was so successful with major retail supporters, including Coles and Woolworths, that they were joined by partner Andreas Schimkus to take the brand to the corporate world, or anyone in business keen to improve their connections with customers.

“Agents love the ability to personalise the gifts, which can include a video message in a digital version for instant delivery,” Andreas says.

“The name of the recipient is on the cover, and it can include a shot of the property, which adds that emotional connection for a customer to a property they have just bought or sold.”

Corporate customers can customise the packaging with logos and branding colour palettes, with post-experience touchpoints to continue connections with their valued clients.

We Wander simplifies the ordering process at its easy-to-use website while maximising the gift options in gift boxes from $80 to $600.

Gift boxes are pre-paid and, like a more traditional gift, delivered without the value of the experience revealed to the recipient.

“Our Bucket List is a $100 gift, which offers beautiful experiences like helicopter flights or cocktails and canapes at premium venues like the Luis Bar in Melbourne,” Andreas says.

“Our customers are often surprised by what is available, something that feels very special at an accessible price point.”

We Wander is also a supporter of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and OzHarvest, which works to overcome food waste and feed those in need. We Wander customers can choose to donate the full value of a gift to the charities.

We Wander is about to launch a new gourmet dining catalogue while testing new options, which are added monthly.

“The concept may sound straightforward, but there is a lot of work that goes into developing these experiences,” Andreas says.

“We want to make sure our experience partners are as excited as we are and keen to work with us to develop something unique for our customers.”

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Noel Mengel

Noel Mengel is a freelance journalist and author based in Brisbane.

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