Eview Group partners with RiTA to expand on their tech stack

In line with Eview Group’s innovative edge and tech-driven strategies, the brand has partnered exclusively with RiTA, as they look to expand their eco-system of technology.

Welcoming an artificial intelligence arm of their digital portfolio, Eview Group said it would cement their position as an industry-leading agency when it comes to innovation implementation.

After months of detailed analysis and investigation across many industry-specific digital applications, comparing features, serviceability and functionality, Eview Group’s info-tech team were excited and impressed by RiTA’s award-winning performance, functionality, and accuracy.

“Ultimately, our end goal was to engage with a company that could substantiate their hunger for innovation, and prove their underlying desire to drive business growth, rather than distract our agents from it,” explained Eview Group’s CEO, Manos Findikakis.

“The team behind RiTA encompass an insatiable curiosity for what is possible, coupled with meticulous precision,” Mr Findikakis continued.

“We are thrilled to be at the forefront of their implementations and ideas.”

With an established real estate background, RiTA’s ‘Mum and Dad’, Ian Campbell and Sarah Bell of AiRE, believe it’s their industry experience, coupled with a fundamental love of technology, that has landed AiRE in the perfect position to really understand the behaviours and tech hurdles agents experience.

“It’s been an enormous feat, diving deeper into the minds of many agents nation-wide, expanding our knowledge around exactly what agents desire from digital resources, to aid in effective utilisation of their data,” Ms Bell explained.

“Through the speed and capability of RITA’s artificial intelligence, we help agents by analysing vast quantities of data and synthesising it with third party data, relating to their respective marketplace.

“Equally important for us, is enabling and showcasing the human aspect of work, identifying the importance and value this has, to clients,” Ms Bell noted.

“The opportunity to work alongside a company who understands the importance of innovation technology implementation, such as the Eview Group, is an exciting aspect for our team.

“The Eview Group’s non-traditional model has proved invaluable in generating large volume, wide-spread, comprehensive data, unlike that of traditional agencies.”

With the recent challenges presented during COVID-19, the Eview Group model has proved robust and resilient, with many agents investigating the non-traditional structure as a means of bolstering their unsettled and changing landscape.

“Having pre-determined our digital end-goal, whilst implementing system structures at a foundational level, has undoubtedly contributed to our exponential growth during a period of uncertainty across the industry,” Mr Findikakis said.

The engagement of RiTA sees Eview Group’s eco-system of technology swell considerably, with the introduction of further enhancements to their digital stack, confirmed for release in the coming months.

Intrigued by the Eview Group? Visit www.eview.com.au to unleash the mystery and explore the next step in your career.

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