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Episode 71: First National Group CEO Ray Ellis – global trends and industry predictions for 2019

“I actually welcome disruption. It makes you get better on what you’re doing and it stops you from being lazy in the whole range of things.”

In this week’s edition of the Elevate podcast, Samantha McLean talks to Ray Ellis, CEO of First National Real Estate network, about the NAR 2018 which is held in Boston. Their important takeaways, new expo trends, and lessons Australia’s real estate industry can learn from the National Association of Realtors plus, the future of First National taking into account the global trend towards personalisation.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guest: Ray Ellis


02:46   First National’s relationship with the National Association of Realtors (NAR)
03:44   Why such a large contingent (top 10 salespeople/offices from the group) went to the conference
04:41   Why, regardless of market conditions, top performers do well
05:55   The universal language of real estate and what we have in common with real estate professionals around the world
06:36   “Americans have a great desire to share, and they want you to succeed”
07:00   In the US the skills of listing and selling are coming together and changing the industry
07:45   How NAR lobby government for the real estate industry – why being national is an advantage
09:32   Why Ray feels the State institutes must combine to form a stronger body
10:16   The Federal Election slated for next year – the REIA has an education campaign ready to go
10:51   The problem with the State based regulators as Ray sees it
11:09   “What drives the Australian market is the fascination with property” Corrections in our market are never as severe as in other places (eg the UK) in the world due to this pent-up demand
12:50   Ray’s views on disruption and disrupters like Purplebricks, including what he sees they do well
14:02   “We have to become more transparent and engage with the consumer the way they want to engage”
16:31   The NAR Expo, technology and why you can’t rely on AI to build a relationship. But you will need to use the tools well.
18:17   Ones to watch – why parts of the Keller Williams model might be interesting in Australia, Berkshire Hathaway are also doing interesting things.
19:55-23:00   Ray’s predictions for real estate in 2019
20:29   The flaw in Labor’s thinking on negative gearing as Ray sees it, and his opinion on what will happen if it is removed.

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