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Episode 55: A guided tour of Silicon Valley: Inside Facebook, LinkedIn and Inman Connect with Steve Carroll

Guest Interview: Samantha McLean talks to Steve Carroll, Director of Industry Relations at, about his visit to Facebook and LinkedIn HQ, his key takeaways from Inman Connect, and why AI, partnerships and personalised service will move real estate businesses forward.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guests: Steve Carroll


02:00    What it’s like to work at the Facebook campus headquarters
04:30    A sneak peek at LinkedIn’s headquarters in Silicon Valley
06:00    Vertical: the direction of Facebook and LinkedIn in the future
07:00    The advancement of robotic/AI technology over the last 24-36 months
08:30    Steve Carroll: Robots, Driverless Cars and the Need for Speed
10:00    “Robots, in effect, will be replaced by AI.”
11:00    The role of virtual assistants in building customer relationships
12:15    “Only 18 months ago, we were talking about virtual assistants. Virtual assistants are now being used by forward-thinking real estate groups.”
12:45     Identification and personal security in the world of AI
13:45    “Technology is not going to replace the human factor, and the best agents and business owners are looking for ways where technology will take away menial tasks, which will put property managers and agents more time to speak to prospects.”
15:00    Voice-activated AI and how this will change current buyer behaviour
17:00    The 3 things Steve thinks agents should know right now:
18:00    “We live in a complex world. To navigate through this complex world, you’ve got to build partnerships.”
18:30    “It’s not so much about the importance of data. It’s about how you clean the data to make it really workable.”
19:00    “We are living in a world of entrepreneurs. Where there are entrepreneurs, there’s disruption.”
21:00    “If you’re operating on a gold, silver, bronze package, forget it. You’ve got to move on and you’ve got to work out how you can offer a tailored, bespoke, personalised package for every single customer.”

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