Episode 24: How to Improve Your Listings and Create Digital Efficiencies

Kul Singh talks about what attracts buyers and tenants to your listings, and the digital tools that achieve results.

Transform Masters: Kul Singh, Executive Manager – Rent at talks to the 2017 Masters about the things that landlords, buyers and tenants look for in property listings, and implementing digital efficiencies to create more time back in our days and offer higher service levels.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Episode coach: Kul Singh


Disruption in the property management space and the changes in landlord expectations means we need to be thinking about our listings differently – 02:50

“You’re not competing against the agency next door to you anymore or the best agency in your suburb or your area. You’re competing against the best consumer experience they’ve ever had.” – 03:50

More of your property searches may be for rentals; are you investing the same amount of resources into rental listings as you are with sales? – 04:15

The first open for inspection by a potential buyer is done online i.e. the digital stalking of the listing online. If you were a landlord, what would you look for first? – 05:55

As a property manager, know the government regulations around depreciation. Your landlords want to trust someone with current knowledge – 06:50

Improving the conversion of leads to property management – 07:45

“It’s not about getting the highest rental yield. It’s not about finding the tenant in the quickest amount of time.” It’s about finding the best-suited tenant – 09:30

Landlord-paid advertising; budgeting into their yearly contract and, if not used, goes towards maintenance. Use this amount for quality content i.e. challenge how much you spend vs the quality of what you produce. – 10:30

Give landlords maintenance costs before they ask you to, to minimise steps and to provide quality service. – 12:00

Using 1form for more efficient landlord reports – 13:25

Three key things tenants look for; quality photos, a good description and clear floor plans – 15:35

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