Episode 23: How to Create Better Customer Experience Within Your Business

Scott Downing talks about building better customer and user experience in real estate and property management

Transform Masters: Scott Downing, Chief Customer Officer of Rockend, talks to the 2017 Masters about how customer service can be the cheapest form of referrals if you get it right, why you should consider bad customer experience feedback as a gift, why keeping employees happy is key to keeping customers happy, and why partnering provides a better service than going it alone.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Episode coach: Scott Downing


Introduction to customer experience and advocacy – 01:51

Not only do you want customers advocating the individuals of the business, but the entire brand and company mission; it is the cheapest form of advertising – 02:46

“Everyone comes to work with the right intent to deliver great customer outcomes.” – 03:50

The speed of communication and the accessibility of information; thinking from the customer’s perspective to provide information quickly – 04:36

It’s OK to not know all the answers for your customers, but still deliver exceptional service and go far and beyond their expectations; be clear about your strategy and vision – 06:35

When you create customer advocates, they start to promote you, your business and your products. It’s the cheapest form of marketing. – 08:10

Executives and leaders who strategically formulate plans, budgets and targets have an inside-out view of the world. To excel in customer experience, we need to think outside-in; talking to real customers, gathering real feedback and asking the right types of questions. – 08:45

“Understanding a great customer experience starts with a great employee experience.” – 10:12

In Rockend’s advocating strategy: everything we do should be pinned on understanding and delivering what matters to customers – 10:42

The implementation and deployment of an NPS (net promoter score) – 12:27

When customer experience is failed and you are given feedback, you are being given the opportunity to improve their customer experience; treat it as a gift and don’t shy away from it – 13:40

The three types of NPS: Interactive (i.e. how was the customer’s interaction with you?), Episode (i.e. how was the entire customer experience from start to end?) and Strategic (how does your business and brand compare to others and does it hold up in the market?) – 14:48

While it is important to say you will implement your NPS, you need to prepare how to roll it into your business. Know your feedback, identify the root cause of the feedback and size up the data to formulate an action plan – 16:42

People that do work, improve work. So, a leader’s role is to drive improvement while those that consult with customers are the ones who will know how to implement this improvement. – 19:00

Leaders should use data capture and insights to change the way they operate in order to enhance the customer experience. Your consultants who talk to customers will genuinely want to help improve their experience, so use that enthusiasm to your advantage for data/feedback collection – 20:15

The questions leaders need to be asking themselves in order to set their businesses apart – 21:15

Conclusion/overview of customer experience and what to consider.  – 23:25

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