Episode 22: Craig Pontey, Ray White Double Bay’s 30th birthday, and more

Recapping the best in real estate for the week ending 24 November, 2017

Weekly wrap: Samantha McLean recaps the week that was with special guest Craig Pontey, Director of Ray White Double Bay.


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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special Guest: Craig Pontey

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00:55 The Three Wise Men: Craig Pontey, Michael Finger and Elliott Placks
01:10 Craig on how real estate involves having personal energy, passion and understanding people
01:55 Craig’s start in property management at AH Taylor Real Estate
04:20 What Craig has learned in the first five years of property management working with Michael
05:25 Playing the long game; treating buyers/sellers/tenants should not be a new ‘thing’
06:05 What influenced Craig’s move to Double Bay and the eastern suburbs
07:30 Interview: Getting to Know Gavin Rubinstein
07:55 What Craig’s desk looked like back then vs now
08:55 Craig’s advice for young agents: make appointments for yourself; go and talk to people
09:20 How Ray White has transformed over the years
09:45 Vivien Yap joins the Ray White Group
11:10 The Innovators of Ray White: Jason Alford and Kelly Tatlow
12:20 Craig’s most memorable property sales
13:40 Craig’s team set-up when selling prestige properties
14:00 Craig’s most valued skill or ‘super-power’ as a real estate agent
14:45 Goal setting in business and personal life: “If you don’t write it down, it doesn’t happen.”
16:00 A typical day in the life of Craig Pontey
17:35 What would Craig’s one piece of advice be to his younger self?
18:25 How Craig picks himself up after a bad day
20:30 Who and what inspires Craig
21:10 Interview with Tracey Fellows on leading with authenticity
23:15 The next 12 months in the real estate industry, according to Craig
26:30 If a property has been on the market too long, it’s either because of the price or the agent
26:40 Ray White Double Bay’s 30th Birthday

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