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Simone Ryan is the Principal of Moneybags Property in Brisbane. An entrepreneur who loves a challenge, she decided to move into real estate via the financial services sector. Simone also recently stepped into a different role as guest reporter for Elite Agent Magazine at the recent REIQ Summit.

Tell us about your local area and market.
I live south-west of Brisbane in the booming shire of Logan. Things are going ahead so much here that people are willing to drive over an hour to get to work in the city to enjoy the amazing lifestyle that comes with West Logan; spacious living on a good sized piece of land.

What motivated you to get into the business of real estate?
My finance clients. I am a finance broker in my Moneybag Finance business; some of my clients were begging me to do sales, as they couldn’t find anyone they trusted to take care of them. So I decided that I would start a real estate business. I smashed out my principal’s course in a week, doing the online version, and here I am today.

What have been your biggest challenges in your career so far?
One of the most difficult things has been finding similar people to myself to talk to about business and entrepreneurial matters. I’m quite innovative and will always find a solution to any problem or issue, but finding motivated people who also thrive on challenge and innovation can be a challenge in itself!

Who or what inspires you?
I don’t really have an idol that I regularly look to for motivation in my business life. I idolise some popular, well-known entrepreneurs, but I don’t follow anyone religiously. I would hate to let my clients and myself down though, so I just dig deep and keep on going.

In your briefcase right now is…
I have a business handbag, not a briefcase! I always carry my green notebook, Swarovski pen, my mobile phone, a power pack charger (comes in handy for everyone!), debit cards, keys, keys and more keys, and lipgloss.

Tell us about something you love or couldn’t live without.
I love my husband Tony, and my pooch, Holly the Pomeranian, who’s just turned 13. I couldn’t live without either as they give me unconditional love, support and happiness.

What is your must-have piece of technology?
I respond promptly to all enquiries, questions and clients, so I love having access to communication 24/7 with instant receipt of emails, calls and so on. I‘m known to email at 2am or answer a call at 6am. Also Dropbox – cloud-based file storage is heavenly! Pun not intended.

What was it like writing for Elite Agent Magazine at the recent REIQ Summit?
I found it fun and I was honoured to be entrusted with the task. I always take plenty of notes, so I was really happy to have a purpose for them! Sharing with people made it all worthwhile.

What are your goals for the next 12 months?
I have specific goals around referrals, as 90 per cent of our business comes from referrals. I also want to enlist my Business Development Manager full-time as opposed to part-time. Looking at the bigger picture, I want to start the process of expansion through a second main branch.

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