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Empowering women in real estate and the community: Laura Valenti

“I like to think that I perhaps represent female property managers and hopefully we can move towards being recognised for all the fabulous work that they all do.” Laura Valenti

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A property manager of 20 years, Laura Valenti is the 2020 winner of the AREA award for Most Influential Woman in the Property Market.

Laura is the director of Solutions Property Management in Queensland, a board director with the REIQ and a passionate advocate for the industry.

Her recent focus has involved addressing domestic violence, including examining the role property managers can play in handling the issue.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast, Laura shares her property management journey including why domestic and family violence became a focus that she feels the real estate industry can help address.

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In this podcast, Samantha and Laura also discuss:

  • Receiving the AREA award, why it’s a win for the property management industry, and particularly the women who work within it
  • How Laura came to focus on domestic violence, and the role property managers can play to assist
  • Why domestic and family violence should be part of real estate training
  • How and why Laura seeks to empower women in her workplace
  • Building her business, and finding the balance to prevent burnout and stress
  • The importance of training and why it is crucial to addressing the modern challenges of property management

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