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Eddie Cetin: Game on!

There’s nothing quite like a bit of healthy competition to lift results in your real estate agency. Humans are natural game-players and successful agents are often fabulously competitive. Eddie Cetin explains how gamification can take your team’s performance to the next level.

Tech companies – and clever principals – are exploiting agents’ natural inclinations towards play and competition by gamifying their team’s digital experiences, enhancing bottom-line results in the real world. So, whether riding high on the victory of a hard-won listing or slumping over their laptops, discouraged by losing business to their opposition, how can your team play along?

Odds on, you’re already doing so in other areas of your digital life; from Candy Crush to Fitbit, Trello to Slack, we’re regularly entering our stats and results into apps to ‘unlock’ achievements and #levelup. Whether we’re comparing steps done with our mates or prospecting calls made with our colleagues, monitoring our daily activities has become the norm – especially for super-agents.

At Agentbox, our unique insight into the digital behaviors of Australia’s highest-performing agents shows us that gamification is at the heart of ‘prospecting culture’.

Database gamification helps principals and agents see how they are tracking in real time, 24-7. Having total transparency in a results leaderboard or app helps bring teams together – regardless of your colleagues’ ages or interests, seeing who’s doing what is undeniably motivating.

Total transparency in a results leaderboard or app helps bring teams together.

Rather than reflecting on your team’s results on a weekly or monthly basis, having key stats available on your desktop and via apps whilst on the go keeps everyone on-task.

A healthy agency is the result of an accurate database, rich with agents enjoying strong pipelines and ease of communication with clients.

The key metrics we observe super-agents monitor daily include:

  • Number of calls made
  • Value of appraisals
  • Value of listings
  • Value of sales
  • Gross commission

When you pair regular interaction with your core numbers and the opportunity to update your ‘status’, you’re pairing play and competition in synchrony – helping you focus on what you need to do today to achieve the results you’re after. Knowing that your deskmate has hit her KPIs for the month is also a good motivator!

Leading agents Di Jones have embraced gamification across their practice, with live dashboards linked to their CRM being made available on TV screens around the office and their phones.

“We wanted to utilise Spinify’s existing platform to gamify the process of prospecting, listing and selling, and Agentbox came to the party to help translate it into an interface that was specific to real estate,” says Rob Ward, CEO of Di Jones.

“Agentbox’s team made the integration seamless, so agent-specific data feeds through in real time and now everyone has their eyes on the screen to keep up to date with the leaderboards. The ability for the two to work together so easily is definitely a valuable addition to the Di Jones suite of tools for our growth and innovation.”

Ready to play for keeps in your estate agency? Here’s how:

Leaderboard apps such as Spinify pull in property data from the Agentbox CRM and present it in a handy graphic, featuring accurate appraisals, listings, exchanged and settled property results. Leaderboards provide immediate performance feedback, empowering agents to see if they’re hitting KPIs and competing well against colleagues. Such a powerful tool encourages individuals to meet targets, complete activities and unlock achievements!

Great CRMs have interactive dashboards that provide a snapshot of how each agent and office is tracking against targets for all the key stages of the sales process. By having this information (knowledge that until recently was the privilege of the principal alone) readily available and presented in an appealing, engaging way, sales teams know how they are performing. They can then tweak their daily prospecting diary in response to their results, honing in on what activities garner the best outcomes.

It is important that your CRM allows for mobile access to this information, as having a constant reminder of daily tasks to hit performance goals is all part of ‘playing the game’!

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