Eagle Software launches new Interactive Owner Portal

Eagle Software has announced a new release, with its reporting being given a complete redesign thanks to the Interactive Owner Portal.

The release brings owner reporting beyond the printed page to a secure online platform that will allow owners of property to receive instant updates on inquiries, inspections, price feedback, marketing, and campaign results. 

Eagle Software’s Head of Sales Trevor Bragg described the reworked Interactive Owner Portal as a game changer for agents and the way they provide feedback to owners. 

“We found the majority of vendor and landlord reports were email pdf files that were sent on a weekly basis,” Mr Bragg said.

“The new Owner Portal provides a secure, real-time interactive reporting tool that owners can access at any time of the day and from any device.” 

Some of the features of the new Owner Portal include a property and agent section that displays key property details and agent contact information; a comments section to provide a quick summary to clients, a key numbers section that aggregates the total number of inquiries, inspections, open homes, and calls and emails made to interested parties.

There are also several new features in the marketing, feedback, inspections and application sections of the portal and when combined with an Eagle website, owners can access the information directly via a login page.

The portal also allows automated sending at nominated times during the week.

Mr Bragg said the Owner Portal could also be customised to suit any design requirements and was extremely user-friendly. 

“The way it works is amazingly simple,” he said.

“The interactive portal works just like a website, so the report is easy for the owners to navigate”.

For more information, read Eagle Software’s release notes here

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