Eagle Software brings QR Codes to contactless inspections

Eagle Software has harnessed the power of QR Codes to assist agents in performing contactless inspections.

Now sales and rental agents can print individual QR Codes for each property inspection – registering the attendee and capturing their details, with all able to be accessed in real time through the Eagle app or CRM.

“Eagle developed the QR Code technology based on its clients’ feedback,” Trevor Bragg, Head of Sales at Eagle Software, told Elite Agent.

“Agents wanted a quick and easy contactless way for buyers and tenants to register when attending inspections. It is a win-win for everyone.”

Eagle QR Codes allow agents to maintain COVID-19 social distancing rules, quickly manage check-ins for large numbers of inspection attendees, and free up time to speak with potential buyers and tenants.

“The check-in process is much quicker,” Mr Bragg continued.

“Agents save time by not having to enter data into their inspection app and the consumer is quite comfortable scanning the QR Code and adding their details.

“Even in the past 24 hours since its release, many of our clients have expressed how much easier it is for them to get people to register for inspections.

“We feel that agents, and the public, want peace of mind knowing that they are complying with social distancing and contact tracing best practices.”

Check out the below video for a demonstration on how it works.

Eagle QR Codes are available now. For more information, click here.

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