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Don Ha takes over RE/MAX New Zealand

RE/MAX New Zealand’s master franchise is being sold to one of its leading individual franchise owners.

RE/MAX Revolution owner Don Ha is set to take up the CEO role in April next year, putting the master franchise 100 per cent in New Zealand ownership for the first time in 23 years.

As a businessman, property investor, mentor and acclaimed speaker, Mr Ha is considered an expert in his field.

In 1995, he was selling homes in South Auckland for a mere $49,000. Now, in 2019, he is controlling over two billion dollars’ worth of housing developments throughout New Zealand.

Mr Ha first brought his award-winning independent business, Don Ha Real Estate, to the RE/MAX brand in January 2018 and RE/MAX Managing Director Michael Davoren said RE/MAX Revolution quickly thrived as a powerhouse in the network and in the real estate industry.

“Don’s real estate experience and business acumen is exceptional,” Mr Davoren said.

“He also shares the values and beliefs that are at the very core of RE/MAX, and his passion for real estate is intense.”

Family, tradition and culture figure strongly in Mr Ha’s philosophy and approach to business and underpin his business success.

When he opened RE/MAX Revolution, he invited his father, N K Ha, to play a prominent role in the celebration’s proceedings, showing respect and recognising the huge role he has played in Don’s life.

More than 250 people attended, who Mr Ha has formed lasting relationships with through his 25 years-plus in real estate.

Mr Ha was also quick to acknowledge others on the announcement of the ownership change.

“I want to give thanks to all who have believed in me and stuck by me, and especially my RE/MAX Revolution team,” he said.

“This is such a special honour. It is truly a wonderful story.

“When I began in real estate in 1994, I wanted to be the Number One sales agent in New Zealand. I achieved that. I wanted to have a top office in New Zealand. I achieved that. I wanted to be recognised through RE/MAX globally. That occurred.

“I wanted to expand my RE/MAX franchise throughout Auckland with multiple offices. There was opportunity to do so and I could see my goal taking shape.

“But now, I have this opportunity. This is a dream come true… to own the RE/MAX master franchise for New Zealand. It was a goal I dreamed of fulfilling one day but didn’t expect to be there so soon.”

Mr Ha said he was humbled to think the directors and RE/MAX global heads gave him the opportunity.

“I believe they recognise my passion, my ability to lead this master franchise in continued growth and acknowledge my extensive contacts both here in New Zealand and globally,” he said.

“To grow this wonderful brand and lead our New Zealand network is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It also fills me with immense joy to contribute to the RE/MAX legacy.”

Mr Ha said in acquiring a network of 25 offices, he was excited to work more closely with RE/MAX members in New Zealand and promote a new era of growth.

While Mr Ha is still formalising his master franchise structure, he said Mr Davoren will be a RE/MAX New Zealand board advisor.

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