Domain launches new app features with a drive to reinvent search

With a view to reinvent the way buyers search for and progress towards buying a home, Domain has released new app features that will making finding a property easier, more transparent and more insights-driven. 

The features include a dynamically integrated map and list view experience that will enable buyers to not only understand what properties are available in different areas but the neighbourhoods they sit within. 

Map view enables buyers to understand what properties are available in different areas, while list view enables them to deep dive into a particular suburb or area, and the properties within it. 

Combining both into one interface enables buyers to transition seamlessly between map and list view to discover properties in adjacent locations. 

Another new feature integrates recently sold properties into buyers search results so they can easily compare recent sales with properties currently on the market.

This will make it faster and easier for buyers to understand pricing and value in the area they are searching. 

“This is perhaps the most significant upgrade since we first launched the Domain app in 2009,” Domain Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Jason Pellegrino said.

“Currently most other property search apps, solutions or experiences on the market globally prioritise a dated classifieds listing experience that was borrowed from the age of newsprint – not the needs of customers. 

“Our mission to reinvent search is about challenging the market norm, and leveraging Domain’s extensive technical capabilities to deliver a tailored experience to every user,  focused on giving them more insights and access than ever before.”

The new features come after Domain’s research revealed consumers find accessing and understanding price-related information the hardest part of their property journey. 

It also showed that buyers’ second largest problem during the journey is saving and organising properties. 

Domain Chief Product and Technology Officer Nathan Brumby said Domain’s mission was to reinvent search to overcome these issues, focusing on driving better user experience, improving trust and transparency, and providing greater insights to guide buyers – from low intent to high intent. 

“The new app experience aims to help all buyers from lower intent to high intent buyers find a property and move them along their property journey sooner,” he said.

“We know that accessing and understanding price, and organising their search are the biggest challenges buyers face and these upgrades address that. 

“We want to help buyers better understand and explore the market, and unearth rich data and insights that give them a comprehensive and confident understanding of a property and the local neighbourhood. 

“We’re incredibly excited to roll out these features, and play a greater role in the property journey of Australians.”

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Kylie Dulhunty

Kylie Dulhunty is the Editor at Elite Agent.

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