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Domain introduces Audience Boost to reach more buyers

Residential listings with Domain will reach even more buyers from July 1, with the portal’s new Audience Boost feature set to promote properties across display advertising and/or social media.

The feature will automatically promote properties advertised with its Platinum Edge, Platinum, Gold and Silver listing products across Facebook, Instagram and Google’s expansive and engaged networks, according to their subscription tier.

Domain Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director – Agent Experience, John Foong, said Domain understood how important it was to agents and vendors to never miss a buyer. 

He said Domain existed to increase competition, both in terms of putting more properties before buyers and for agents, and the vendors they represent, who are selling homes.

“We think the biggest impact that we can have for someone who’s trying to sell their house, is to get their house viewed by as many people as possible,” Mr Foong said.

“And to have as many of those people, where it makes sense to, leave an enquiry.

“If we can do that then we are really helping real estate agents, and people trying to sell their house, do their job of getting the best possible price for the house.

“And what Audience Boost effectively does is increase both the quantity and the quality of who we’re reaching.

“More people are going to view your property, and not just randoms, we use our partnership with Facebook, with Google and Instagram in order to reach the lookalike audiences who might be most interested in the property you’re trying to sell.”

Domain will introduce Audience Boost from July 1. Photo: Domain.

Mr Foong said Domain was not the first to have social boosts as an add-on feature, but it was the first Australian portal to automatically include it on paid listings. 

“So if you’re in a Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Platinum Edge (listing product) the Australian first is that all of those will be receiving a social media campaign that compliments the listing,” he said.

“That’s not an add-on, that’s something that’s included as default thanks to our partnership with Facebook and Google.”

Mr Foong said Audience Boost used the long successful strategy of multi-channel marketing to target more buyers in locations where they were located and in a way that reinforced the listing’s message.

“Repetition doesn’t spoil the prayer,” he said.

“What that means is, if you have a really important message, you actually need to tell people many, many times, because we’re in a crowded marketplace and everything is competing for our attention.

“If you want to get a message through, you have to repeat it and that, to me, is the beauty of social media marketing.

“As Australians are spending one hour and 56 minutes every single day on social media, it is a unique way to broadcast and rebroadcast a really important message.”

Domain General Manager of Product – Agent Experience, Danielle Harmer, said the group was excited to deliver added value to agents and sellers.

“We know almost all agents include social media or digital marketing in their property marketing campaigns,” she said.

“We also know that it takes agencies time and money to do this. 

“That’s why we’ve automated it and why it will be included as part of their paid listings subscriptions on Domain. 

“Early insights from the pilot in Victoria have shown great results already, with double-digit growth in property views and enquiries on Platinum Edge listings.

Director of Hodges Sandringham, Angus Graham, has trialled the Audience Boost feature ahead of its official launch and reported a significant uptick in listing views on Domain and enquiries as a result.

Mr Graham, who uses Platinum Edge to sell properties in the sought-after bayside Melbourne suburbs, said he had also seen an increase in the number of potential buyers attending open for inspections, which he attributes to increased visibility of his listings on Domain. 

“Certainly just in the last week I’ve probably had better open numbers than I previously had,” he said.

“And I think we’re definitely seeing more inquiries from Domain. 

“We always say that the more views you have, the more people you get through the front door, which in turn will lead to a better sales outcome.”

Meta’s VP & Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand, William Easton said Australians were spending more time on social media than ever before.

“So when Domain said they wanted to change the game by building a deeper connection between Domain’s listings and Facebook and Instagram’s large and engaged audiences to reach high-potential buyers, we were proud to support their market leading innovation.” 

Agents wanting to know more can contact their account partner.

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