Delivering service excellence: Nick Psarros on working with buyers, time management tips and putting the client first

If there was ever proof that nice guys don’t finish last, it’s Ray White Port Adelaide Principal, Nick Psarros. A top-selling agent, he has built a reputation on client care, compassion and a commitment to being a great human being. Here, he shares his tips on the elite service that leads to a highly successful and rewarding real estate career.

Top-selling South Australian agent Nick Psarros realised early in his career he didn’t want to be the type of agent constantly chasing listings.

Instead, he wanted to be an agent that people sought out to provide trusted advice and sell properties on their behalf.

He made a pledge to offer ‘elite service’ – the type of care you can’t find anywhere else, with an agent who genuinely wants to know his client’s goals and actively helps achieve them.

And his results speak for themselves. Consistently ranked among SA’s top selling agents, Nick received an AREA award last year, and is among the finalists again in 2022.

In this Elevate Podcast with Cass Charlesworth, Nick offers an insight into what elite service looks like, and how it helped him become an agent of choice via word of mouth and referrals.

He gives examples of the strategies he uses to go above and beyond for his clients, and as an auctioneer, offers his advice on what makes a great auction campaign, and how he guides his vendors through the auction process to consistently achieve record results.

But this isn’t just an episode about how to gain listings and create a resume of successful sales. It also showcases the personal element to real estate, including the power of being a downright decent human being.

Nick genuinely takes pleasure in helping others, owes much of his success to his need to give rather than receive, and in the process has become the trusted agent that multiple generations of vendors turn to in the Port Adelaide area.

Now, he’s also seeking to impart this philosophy to the next generation of up and coming agents in his business.

“You’ve got to ask yourself, do you want to be in this business? Are you hungry? Do you want to be great? Do you want to do great things for your vendors? Be the best you can be. Be single minded, be great, do great things and the results will come.” Nick Psarros

Cass and Nick also discuss:

  • The key elements of a successful auction campaign, including how to step the vendor through the process and achieve record results.
  • How Nick creates and applies a different strategy to every property, and the ways he works with buyers and sellers to deliver the right outcome.
  • Why he believes every buyer leaves a trail, and the questions he asks to uncover their intentions.
  • How Nick prospects, and why selling property is never about the agent, it’s always about putting the client first.
  • Why Nick determined his point of difference as an agent would be service, and what he put in place to ensure it was second to none.
  • How Nick manages the balance of being a selling principal and a business operator, including time management tips, and why it’s critical everything has a ‘point and a purpose’.
  • Why Nick’s next focus will be on the new generation of agents within his business, and how he intends to guide them to success.
  • How his lengthy career in real estate has brought him incredible joy and the ways he creates a work/life balance through non-negotiables.
  • What Nick puts in place each year to keep him on track and why he looks likely to sell 200 properties this financial year.

And much, much more…

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