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Dean and Stephanie Dank open with Explore Property in Townsville

Long-term, high-performing Townsville agents Dean and Stephanie Dank have stepped into their own Explore Property agency in Townsville.

Dean first got his real estate licence working in Mt Isa alongside his father, also a real estate agent. 

He’s been working in the Townsville market since 2005. 

“I see myself as sort of a guy that really does believe that whether you’re a doctor in Castle Hill or an older lady in Kelso, you deserve a good real estate agent that will look after your interests,” he said. 

Dean credits much of his career success with accessing coaching from early on. 

“I was fortunate enough to be coached by a real estate coach three days into my career back in 2001,” he explained. 

“And I went on that journey of learning from other great coaches in Australia. 

“We’ve got some really good trainers and coaches throughout Australia and I didn’t want to just be the guy that got thrown back into the days of being given the White Pages and told, ‘Here’s your telephone’.” 

Dean and Stephanie have worked with the Explore brand since its inception. 

Dean said that he had been attracted to the Explore brand because of the progressive way it did business. 

“We’re always trying to change how we do real estate and how it looks, but also keeping it very much a clean brand,” he said. 

He said that the Townsville market was late to the “price growth party” and was still set to benefit from increased demand. 

“I feel as though we’ve still got more growth to happen,” he said. 

“It’s all about supply and demand and if we still had the demand here, which we still do, there will still be pressure on our prices and sellers will reap the benefits of that.” 

Explore Property Director Andrew Acton said Dean and Stephanie had been with Explore since the brand started and they all knew each other well.

“They are good people and place a high value on loyalty and friendship,” Andrew said. 

“They’ve been agents in the Townsville market for some 27 years and have the social equity and proven performance to take the reins in their own office. 

“I’m very pleased to have them step into the leadership space.” 

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