Dave Skow: Keep, stop, start 2024

As the year draws to a close, Ray White Macarthur Group Sales Manager Dave Skow says 2024 is shaping up to be the group’s best yet. Here, he reveals what worked well for the team this year and what habits he’s looking to leave behind next year.

What’s one new approach to lead generation you/your team want to start testing and implementing next year? 

We have been using Ray White’s Nurture Cloud as our buyer CRM and have gotten a lot out of the propensity leads it is able to identify. 

As more players in industry, who have access to masses of buyer and seller data, implement similar propensity technology, it will have a big impact on our team’s ability to more easily identify who is likely to transact in the short to mid-term. 

What’s one technology or digital tool you’ve adopted that you want to keep using and get even more value from? 

We have used ChatGPT pretty extensively to create ad copy for some time, but have recently started using it for many functions within the business such as writing job descriptions, documenting systems and procedures. 

I want to see us use Artificial Intelligence even further, for things like virtual staging, social media programming and automation of routine tasks. 

What’s one daily or weekly time-wasting activity you want to stop doing in 2024? 

Mindlessly scrolling! I have a bad habit of picking up my phone in between calls or tasks and opening Facebook or Instagram – too many hours wasted!

What’s one aspect of company culture you want to keep maintaining because it contributes to your success? 

The discipline of our sales agents in attending three weekly sales meetings, weekly training sessions and weekly one-on-one coaching. 

All of our team is super respectful of each other’s time and commitment to their personal growth, so no one misses any of these weekly events. 

What’s your real estate prediction for 2024? 

I think it has the makings of being our best year yet. 

The stabilisation of interest rates, a continued lack of stock coming to the market and an insatiable appetite for property amongst our buyers will be the perfect storm for high volume agencies like ours to transact a remarkable amount of stock. 

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