Darin Butcher: How to run a family real estate business, but still ‘do you’

"I think so many people actually expect that (leads) should come to them - that they should be given to them from the principal. And I think good principals, leaders, they'll actually bring leads to their people. But you should also know that if you really want to create something special for yourself, there's going to be an element - 30/40/50 per cent that you actually should create for yourself as well." - Darin Butcher

Family comes first in Darin Butcher’s life. 

That includes his wife Renee, their three children and his employees at the Wiseberry Heritage Group.

After a 28-year career in the real estate industry there’s not much the affable real estate leader hasn’t experienced.

And just as he learned the ropes from his father, his son Toby is now moving up the ranks in the family-orientated business.

In this episode of the Leadership Diaries, Darin talks about the cycles of real estate, how to keep team morale up when the market is down and why you need to look after your family, your team and your customers.

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“You can see a market change on its way – and I’ll talk to our teams about storing – you know I think there’s abundance in the world, but I also do believe you’ve got to put ten per cent away of what you earn into a growth account that’s going to help you through the tough times.”

In this episode of The Leadership Diaries, some of the topics I discussed with Darin include:

  • His start in real estate, including being knocked back by his father before joining forces with him.
  • The biggest change he’s seen in his 28-year career, and why technology is no longer something to be feared
  • The ups and downs of the Central Coast market and the keys to surviving a downturn in the market; how to lead your team through adversity.
  • Why they help their team invest in property to build their wealth for the future
  • How Darin balances being a selling principal with listing and selling himself
  • The importance of planning and structuring every day
  • Wiseberry’s ‘customer love program’ and why they hired from outside the industry to fulfil the brand promise of excellent customer service.
  • Work/life balance and how Darin keeps weekends free for his children.
  • The big lessons from his father and Wiseberry Group Leader Thomas Le Hoang
  • Darin’s approach to Social Media with the team for marketing and brand building and why you should experiment (even with Tik-Tok!)
  • The one quirky question Darin asks potential employees in job interviews and how it helps him decide who to hire.


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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.