Creating the opportunity: Alex Jordan on reinventing, building an attraction business, and how to become a top selling agent

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Looking at Alex Jordan’s results of recent years, it might be easy to assume success in real estate came naturally to him.

He’s the first to admit that was hardly the case. Long before he was with McGrath Paddington or became a multi-award winner, Alex contemplated giving up real estate altogether after working long and hard with moderate success.

So, what shifted to make him Queensland’s top residential sales agent at the AREAs in 2020, along with the swathe of other accolades he has received in recent years?

It all came down to systems and processes, a shift in marketing, a change in focus and aligning with the clients he wanted to serve.

Now Alex is not only an AREA winner but consistently ranks among the top agents in Queensland, with his expertise sought after in some of the most prestigious markets in Brisbane.

In this interview with Elevate podcast producer Cass Charlesworth, Alex shares the strategies that have led to his success, along with his advice for other agents looking to make the transition to an attraction business where clients come to you.

Alex also discusses why he believes the market is changing right now, the conversations agents need to be having with vendors, and the skills agents require moving forward.

It’s an episode packed full of actionable takeaways, including tips on marketing, communication, how to become a trusted advisor, and where to focus your attention if you’re looking to take things up a notch.

“I had to reinvent the business that I had and think differently. Rather than be transactional, I needed to build a brand and profile and to do that I had to stop asking for things and start giving things.”  Alex Jordan

Cass and Alex also discuss:

  • How Alex and his team have sold more than $300 million worth of property this year and why these results are based on the honest conversations they had back in 2020
  • Why he always approaches every interaction with the mindset of providing advice rather than gaining a listing and how that has helped him become his client’s trusted advisor
  • How Alex changed tack to narrow his business area and attract high-end clients through communication that’s about giving valuable information rather than asking for an appraisal
  • The ways he changed up his marketing, with a focus on consistency, along with systems and processes to create a reputation for insight and expertise
  • How he leverages awards and achievements, while still balancing that with genuine modesty and humility
  • The key skills agents need to be embracing right now in the knowledge the market could soon soften
  • How agents can convey their true value to vendors, and demonstrate that their expertise is worth far more than the cost of commission
  • Why Alex believes the toughest market of all is a transition market, and the conversations he will be having with vendors and buyers to navigate this challenge

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