Courageous Conversations: Why Tanja Neven-Jones will never let her past be bigger than her future, and why real estate success is all about giving back

As one of OBrien Real Estate’s top performing sales agents, Tanja Neven-Jones has enjoyed a career of incredible highs. It’s also had its fair share of devastating lows.

Ten years ago, she was riding high, enjoying all the trappings of real estate success when it all came crashing down. She lost her business, nearly lost her home and investment property, and was forced to start from scratch.

It was a ‘diabolical’ and ‘highly embarrassing’ blow that Tanja still struggles to talk about today.

But she was never going to let her past become bigger than her future and has spent the past decade re-building a successful career with a unique and highly effective approach to prospecting.

Now she’s keen to give back to the industry that has given so much to her via mentoring, speaking and sharing the strategies that have propelled her to success (not just once, but twice).

Some key highlights of this Courageous Conversation, hosted by Leanne Pilkington:

  • 1.37 – How OBrien Real Estate supports women in their careers, and why for many successful female agents, it’s all about time management.
  • 4.24 – The challenges of being a top-performer in the real estate industry, the tough choices that women need to make and the guilt that can accompany that.
  • 9.29 – The key factors that led to the collapse of Tanja’s previous business, and the hard lessons learned.
  • 11.41 – How Tanja restarted her career from scratch, why the support of OBriens was key, and the strategies she used to find her feet quickly.
  • 17.26 – Why giving is a great way to gain market recognition and build your database, and the unique strategies Tanja and her team use.  
  • 23.05 – The importance of delivering relevant information and creating touchpoints long before someone decides to sell a property.
  • 26.01 – How Tanja dealt with the mental side of getting up and starting all over again, and why she shares her story to assist others.
  • 29.08 – Why Tanja wants to give back to the real estate industry and how she hopes to be a custodian of the future generation of real estate.

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