Courageous Conversations: Lara Moro on finding your niche, knowing your worth, and stepping outside your comfort zone

Selling property is often just one talent on the list of an agent’s skills. Here, Lara Moro shares how she built a successful career, and more recently her own business, by identifying a need and concentrating on what she loved.

After starting in off-the-plan sales aged 21, Lara Moro has enjoyed a highly rewarding and successful 30-year career in real estate that unites her expertise in marketing and sales.

Along the way, she has worked with some of the country’s best known hi-rise developers.

But that doesn’t mean it was an easy or quick decision to start her own business. Instead, Lara explains it was a long time coming, despite her friends consistently urging her to back herself and take the leap.

Now, that leap is well and truly paying off. Just two years after launching her own brand, Lara has been named among 15 property experts to watch by the Australian Business Journal.

Working with developers and buyers, Lara specialises in assisting developers market and sell their project. She also works with buyers to help them make the right decision when it comes to purchasing an apartment.

Looking back, Lara reflects the buyers’ advocate role in the apartment space was a gap in the market that needed filling, allowing downsizers, property hunters and investors to make educated choices.

In this Courageous Conversation with Leanne Pilkington, Lara talks about creating a career that unites her extensive sales and marketing experience with a commitment to mentoring others.

She shares an insight into what finally prompted her to start her own brand, including the unique services she offers.

Lara also discusses how she came to be in project marketing and sales, and why it was a career she was destined for since she was a child.

In a podcast that’s all about finding your niche, embracing your skills and picking the moment to take the leap required, Lara also talks about dealing with the negative voice in your head and the strategies she uses to make tough decisions.

For years, I said I’m going to work for myself. And then I would work for a developer and work as a channel manager or in their sales and marketing team…but then I just thought, no, enough’s enough.

“It’s been a great experience to work with some of Melbourne’s best developers. I just feel that now I can offer my expertise and be a lot more impartial.” Lara Moro

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Leanne and Lara also discuss:

  • How Lara fell in love with real estate and construction at a young age
  • Why she quickly found her feet in project sales, and used a range of additional skills to her advantage
  • How those skills translated to the hi-rise project space and allowed her to work with some of Australia’s best developers
  • What finally prompted Lara to step into her own business, and how a pandemic gave her the time and perspective she needed
  • The two-pronged approach that Lara takes which sees her help both developers and buyers, and why she loves the idea of mentoring
  • Why Lara describes herself as a real estate matchmaker who helps people make the right decisions for their lifestyle
  • How Lara came to be named one of 15 property professionals to watch by the Australian Business Journal
  • The strategies Lara uses to make tough decisions and why her first priority is to take the personal out of it and consider things from a different perspective

And much, much more…

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