Courageous Conversations: How Kathryn Ford turned illness into empowerment and why your mind is the most important real estate you will ever manage

Regardless of whether it’s personal, professional or health-related, when one area of your life breaks down, it has the potential to impact everything. Empowerment expert Kathryn Ford offers a personal story of turning tragedy into triumph and shares her tips on how you can unlock joy and peace within.

What one thing would you change in your life right now which would make the greatest difference to your future?

That’s the key question empowerment expert and celebrity consultant Kathryn Ford asks each client she works with as she seeks to help women design their ‘incredible next chapter’.

It’s an approach that is based on Kathryn’s own life experience of turning tragedy into triumph and is the successful concept that saw her found the Excellence Institute in 2013.

In this Courageous Conversation with Leanne Pilkington, Kathryn shares her insight into the mind-body connection and how she used it to overcome a series of personal challenges, including a rare disease, a devastating misdiagnosis, and a toxic marriage that ultimately saw her husband draw a gun on her.

Kathryn notes people often can’t identify what’s holding them back, but chances are there is one defining element that has flow-on effects to everything else.

Whether it’s work that affects your relationships, relationships that impact health, or health that impacts work, those three elements of life can’t be viewed in isolation, she explains.

Instead, you need to find the key and focus on the person as a whole, and when you do, there’s an opportunity to take a ‘quantum leap’ towards true happiness.

In a conversation that offers a fascinating insight into mindset, self-awareness and the art of unlocking success, Kathryn shares her story of overcoming adversity and the tools she used to turn her own life around while also assisting others.

“The results in your life that you would love are there. It’s just a matter of learning how to focus,” – Kathryn Ford.

Leanne and Kathryn also discuss:

  • How Kathryn managed a devastating multiple sclerosis misdiagnosis and used mind-body theory to effectively redesign her life.
  • Why a toxic relationship has wide ranging effects that extend far beyond your emotional wellbeing, and how to recognise the impacts and rebuild.
  • The questions you should ask yourself if your life feels lacking or happiness seems beyond your grasp, and why one key issue can help unlock the three life areas of health, work and love.
  • Why your mind is the most important real estate you will ever manage, and how to shake off the paradigms of the sub-conscious, release them, and shift your thinking.
  • How to alleviate stress and unhappiness by consistently asking yourself one simple, but critical question.
  • Why we get what we focus on and how to change the view by noticing where your attention lies.
  • Where to start if you’re looking to find joy, peace and empowerment in all areas of life.
  • The business stress management tools which apply to every profession and can help you get out of the fight and flight mindset which has dire impacts on your health.

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