Courageous Conversations: How Jacqui Crapp used hard knocks, tough talk and property management to become a sales agent of choice

What would prompt a corporate banker to abandon their high-flying career for real estate? One conversation at the right moment, according to Raine & Horne Berry director Jacqui Crapp.

Jacqui had come off the back of a couple of tough years when she decided to take the plunge into property management, having lost both her parents to cancer. At the time the words of her dad were echoing in her ears: “Whatever you do, do it with passion, and if you don’t enjoy it, do something else”.

That’s not to say her real estate run has been easy. A partnership that didn’t go to plan proved a learning curve, as did a car accident that left her with a blood clot.

Prior to that she and her husband had also been forced to abandon their dream of dairy farming due to industry deregulation.

In this Courageous Conversation, Jacqui shares her real estate journey, including the discussions you need to have before entering into a business partnership, and how she transitioned from a property manager to a principal and sales agent who is renowned for her no-nonsense approach.

“I just call it how it is. You know, if people are talking to me about their wants and their needs, I’ll ask as many questions as I need to, to get to the bottom of it. And sometimes I’ll just say to them, ‘Hell no, you don’t want that’.”

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Leanne and Jacqui also discuss:

  • How to ensure you’re on the same page as your business partners
  • The simple innovations that saw her agency thrive during COVID
  • Why a successful business partnership is about recognising what stage of life all parties are at
  • What real estate success looks like in a small community
  • How a big gamble in 2020 paid off for her business
  • Why Jacqui prides herself on being a sales agent with property management experience
  • How she builds genuine rapport with people to become a trusted property advisor
  • And more…  

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