Courageous Conversations: How Danielle Boyd carved out a successful career in real estate while managing a life-threatening illness

When Wiseberry Taree general manager Danielle Boyd was told she had a long-term life-threatening illness at just age 13, she could have wallowed in self-pity and let fate define her future.

She didn’t. Instead, she shifted her mindset, set goals and used personal experience to help her create a fulfilling life that she’s grateful for each and every morning.

Danielle has Crohn’s disease and living with it has involved countless operations, trial treatments including chemotherapy, and three instances where she’s come very close to death.

In this Courageous Conversation about the power of gratitude and the importance of mindset, Danielle shares the story of why none of that stopped her carving out a successful real estate career.

After initially struggling to find her first rental home, Danielle turned to real estate as a career in the belief the industry has the power to change the life of the people she works with.

She notes a large part of her subsequent success comes down to gratitude and resilience. It also involves drawing on a series of mentors who she turns to for advice and the insight she needs to hear, but may not necessarily want to.

As a result, she’s now living her dream, running a Wiseberry office after just over a decade working in real estate.

“Practising gratitude and positivity is something that I done that for such a long time. No matter what it is that happens, I can generally pull the positive from it. And one of my biggest things is, you know, don’t stress over things you can’t control, but that’s taken years to get that mindset,” Danielle Boyd.

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Leanne and Danielle also discuss:

  •  How Danielle shifted her mindset to accept a situation she could not change
  • Why gratitude is a skill that needs to be learned and practised and how she employs it as a habit every day
  • How tenacity, resilience and a ‘never take no for an answer’ attitude helped Danielle secure her first job in real estate.
  • Why mentors are critical to her success, what she looks for in them, and why she has more than one
  • How she uses real estate to help others and why she believes her role can change lives
  • Why her favourite part of property management is that first routine inspection, and the factors she finds most inspiring about that interaction
  • How a flooded office proved the perfect welcome to Wiseberry Taree and what it taught her about the local community
  • How Danielle sets up each day in a calm, deliberate way that allows her to choose what she intends to focus on
  • And more…

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