Courageous Conversations: How Corissa Sorbello got up, showed up and created her best life

We’re often told we can have it all, but is it possible really? Can you have a work-life balance with an equal focus on family and still achieve success in a highly demanding industry? Corissa Sorbello says it is indeed possible. Here, the Refurb to Invest CEO shares how she’s built a successful business, embraced fitness and found her creativity while also juggling her role as a single mum.

Like a lot of women, Refurb to Invest Chief Executive Officer Corissa Sorbello goes by a few titles. She’s a mum, business owner, entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, who concedes it’s a balancing act to fulfil all those roles well.

But, contrary to the narrative she grew up with, Corissa firmly believes you can do it all and still enjoy the journey regardless of where it takes you.

It just takes some planning, a healthy dose of time management, a little resilience and the ability to get up and show up no matter what’s happening around you.

In this Courageous Conversation with Leanne Pilkington, Corissa shares an insight into navigating the work-life balance.

She shares why she believes women can have it all and create the life they deserve on their own terms.

As the only girl among five siblings, Corissa explains why she’s bent on changing the narrative of what women can achieve, and how she personally navigated the challenge of running a business during the breakdown of her marriage with two young sons, including a three-month old baby in tow.

Corissa shares the thoughts and beliefs which drove her to get back up in the hard times, and how she went from questioning her life to finding focus and clarity.

She reveals the important role fitness, gratitude and meditation play in her business success and personal life, and how they have helped her embrace creativity and be more present.

In a podcast packed full of energy, a can-do attitude and drive, Corissa also discusses the recent turning point that saw her let go of fear, stop putting off the things she wanted to do and instead start growing her company.

“What you put out is what you attract. I’ve learnt that through all my coaching years, that when you are in a ‘problem’ energy, you just keep attracting problems.” – Corissa Sorbello.

Leanne and Corissa also discuss:

  • How Corissa manages her time and creates a work-life balance that includes a focus on family and growing her business.
  • Where Corissa finds her creativity and why she has a notebook on hand to ensure she translates those ideas into action.
  • Why she stopped saying ‘I’ll get to that sometime’ and instead decided to act now, and the difference that’s made to her business.
  • How Corissa structures her day to gain greater productivity and what she’s done to ensure she delegates at the right time.
  • Why, as the only female among five siblings, Corissa feels she has a lot to prove and how that’s translated to business success.
  • How Corissa is keen to change the narrative about the roles women play and why she’s become a lot more comfortable with herself and her ambition.

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