Courageous Conversations: Clarence White on how embracing imperfection transformed his career

Auctioneer Clarence White has been crowned the best in his field, but he’s the first to admit it’s been a long journey of rejections and close finishes to get to where he is today.

Though he was never one to shy away from a new challenge, a perfectionist streak meant Clarence would sometimes be quick to move on if things didn’t go according to plan – that is, until an injury forced him to shake up his mindset.

Dealing with the limitations imposed by his injury forced him to reckon with his personal vulnerability, deal with failure and gain a newfound resilience.

These mindset changes would prove instrumental in him taking out the Australasian Auctioneering Championships (AUSTROS) in 2022, his fifth attempt at the title.

In this Courageous Conversation, Clarence shares his early real estate career trajectory and how his love for the adrenaline rush auctions provide led him to his current path.

He shares his take on what agents are getting wrong with their auction listings and what he does to gain an edge on his competitors and how he makes sure his material always stays fresh.

Some key highlights of this Courageous Conversation, hosted by Leanne Pilkington:

1:39 – Clarence shares his early career path and what led him to be an auctioneer
3:23 – How an injury forced a self-reckoning and a change of mindset
6:18 – Early attempts at success and learning from failure
8:27 – How focusing on technical prowess can give you an edge
9:09 – How making training a team effort can be the key to an individual’s success
11:22 – Identifying what drives you to be the best
12:55 – Dealing with the painful feelings that come with rejection
14:58 – What’s next on the competition agenda
16:16 – Insights on the current property market downturn
18:17 – Did The Block auctioneers get it right?
19:20 – Why the practice of calling a property “on the market” isn’t a good strategy.

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