Courageous Conversations: Christine Ewin’s proven strategies for mastering real estate, navigating setbacks, and reclaiming the top spot

With 22 years of experience under her belt, Christine Ewin reveals how resilience, adaptability, and spot-on people skills made her a force to be reckoned with.

Resilience isn’t optional in the real estate industry; it’s a requirement for long-term success.

And one agent who has resilience in spades is My Agent Team’s Christine Ewin.

In today’s episode of Courageous Conversations, hosted by Leanne Pilkington,  Christine spills the secrets that skyrocketed her into the real estate stratosphere.

Christine reveals the year-one roadmap that shot her into the top 5 per cent of agents at a national franchise, how to become a magnet for top talent and why adaptability is the key to future-proofing your agency.

She also opens up about the impact of personal loss and how she overcame both personal and career challenges to come back stronger than ever.

Leanne and Christine also discuss the power of people, how Christine used her leadership skills and real estate knowledge to house 34 families in just 21 days after the Black Summer bushfires and why community is the currency that will supercharge your client relationships.

“I think that that’s where being a neighbour to somebody in the community (matters) and not just being the hyenas around it and just zapping in and selling a property and listing a property and zapping back out. Instead, I was there for the long haul.” – Christine Ewin

Some key highlights of this Courageous Conversation, hosted by Leanne Pilkington:

  • 2.47 – Unlocking doors without experience: Christine’s networking secrets for breaking into real estate.
  • 3.50The power of people: Master the people skills that skyrocketed Christine to real estate stardom.
  • 4.44 – Fast-track your success: Christine’s year-one roadmap to the top 5 per cent of a national franchise.
  • 6.07 – Conquer impostor syndrome: Christine’s proven strategies for bulletproof self-belief.
  • 8.13 – Turn personal setbacks into comebacks: Christine’s guide to rebuilding life and career after loss.
  • 13.45 – Crisis leadership: Learn how Christine housed 34 families in 21 days after the Black Summer bushfires.
  • 15.01 – Adapt or perish: Christine’s playbook for future-proofing your real estate business.
  • 16.05 – Community is currency: How Christine’s active involvement paid dividends in client relationships.
  • 18.38 – Become an agent magnet: Transform your agency into a talent hotspot.
  • 23:15 – The succession blueprint: Christine’s strategies for scaling her agency and what comes next.

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Leanne Pilkington

Leanne Pilkington is Chief Executive Officer and Director of Laing+Simmons.


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