Courageous Conversations: Charlotte Pascoe on saying yes to opportunity, parking the self-doubt, and the lessons she’s learned as CEO of Stockdale and Leggo

It’s been two years since Charlotte Pascoe stepped into the role of CEO at Stockdale and Leggo armed with a vision of collaboration and a focus on ensuring the success of her team. Here she shares the lessons learned and the tough conversations the real estate industry needs to have.

Stockdale and Leggo CEO Charlotte Pascoe never imagined heading up a major real estate group. In fact, she says if you’d put that idea to her even a few years ago, she would have laughed at the prospect.

But in 2020, that perspective changed when she stepped in to lead the group through the challenge of COVID-19 and became one of the very few female chief executives heading up a major franchise group in Australia.

It’s a role she’s taken to naturally, tapping into two decades of real estate experience including a strong background in property management and business growth.

But that’s not to say that transition into leadership came easily.

Like many, she battled imposter syndrome and questioned her own skill. While well-supported by her own brand, she also faced occasional questioning from the wider industry about how she came to be in that role.

In this Courageous Conversion with Leanne Pilkington, Charlotte shares her leadership journey, including how she overcame self-doubt, and why she believes leadership action always speaks louder than words.

She talks about the challenges women can face within the industry, including some of the comments and experiences she has personally endured in the past 20 years.

Charlotte also discusses why she felt compelled to share those experiences at a recent conference and the difference she hopes having that conversation will make.

She looks at what she hopes will change in the future, including the conversations every business needs to have and the cultural shifts that need to be made.

She also shares some of her leadership lessons so far, discussing why opportunity never arrives when you’re ready, and how the best leadership involves collaboration where you support the vision of your team.

“Park the self-doubt. Just say yes if it feels like the right thing to do. If you say yes, then amazing things will happen. You never regret doing these things and giving yourself that push. There’s always great lessons to be learned, even if it doesn’t work.” – Charlotte Pascoe.

Charlotte and Leanne also discuss:

  • How a comment from her mum saw Charlotte enter real estate and why property management became her sector of choice.
  • The challenges that came with stepping into a CEO position at the height of Covid, and how Charlotte overcame that through action rather than words.
  • Why she believes leadership is all about understanding the vision of your team and helping them achieve the success they desire.
  • What it’s like to be a young, female CEO and why the support of her brand helped Charlotte overcome her own imposter syndrome and self-doubt.
  • Why there’s no playbook when you’re a CEO and how it’s all about gaining confidence in a track record of success while collaborating with your team.
  • Why Charlotte believes in saying yes to opportunity, and the lessons it’s taught her in a 20-year career even when things haven’t gone to plan.
  • How Charlotte recently spoke up about the sexism and harassment she’s endured during her career and why she believes this is a conversation the industry has to have.
  • Why she personally messaged Brittany Higgins, and how the real estate industry can be part of a greater societal shift that ensures every woman feels safe and valued in the workplace.

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