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Cooley Auction Rooms rebranded as Homely Auction House has signed on to sponsor Cooley Auctions’ Double Bay auction rooms, rebranding the space as the Homely Auction House.

After naming Damien Cooley as their brand ambassador, the auction room sponsorship will complement the Cooley partnership by boosting visibility in Sydney, putting Homely in front of hundreds of Sydney agents, buyers and sellers who are in attendance at the weekly auctions.

“We know Cooley Auctions regularly service some of the most respected and successful agents in the industry, so our sponsorship of the auction rooms was the natural progression to bringing on Damien as our brand ambassador,” explains Jason Spencer, Homely’s co-founder.

“With a market share close to 15 per cent in metro Sydney, Cooley Auctions was the obvious choice for Homely,” Mr Spencer continued.

“With Cooley Auctions’ stellar track record, we’re confident this sponsorship will further our goal to increase Homely’s brand exposure in the Sydney marketplace.”

Managing Director of Cooley Auctions and auctioneer, Damien Cooley, said it was no secret he was a big fan of Homely’s low-cost offering and branding.

“We couldn’t be happier to bring them on as the new sponsor of Cooley Auctions’ Double Bay rooms.

“Plus, ‘Homely Auction House’ has a nice ring to it, and the new signage looks fantastic.”

The Homely Auction House is located on Bay Street, in the heart of the Double Bay Village, with exposure from local foot traffic and at the weekly auction nights.

In-room auctions are attended by upwards of 50 high-intent buyers, vendors and agents, with up to 20 auctions called on Tuesday evenings.

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