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Conquering digital mastery in real estate – and educating disadvantaged kids at the same time

In 2020, Digital Live (the not-for-profit brainchild of real estate industry leader Steve Carroll) is back bigger and better than ever with one concrete purpose: to move the real estate industry forward in its knowledge of all things digital, while improving access to education for disadvantaged children.

It’s no secret that the digital world can be confusing, competitive and relied on methods of leads and visibility can change in a heartbeat. In an ever-changing market driven by digital, it’s more important than ever that the real estate industry masters digital media. 

And with big players of the industry changing the interaction between consumers and agents, agencies need to upskill quickly to become not only masters of attraction, but masters of their own lead generation, unlocking opportunities for future real estate success while also empowering real estate professionals to become more self-sufficient through their own channels. This is something that will be critical in the future. 

It’s exactly this digital mastery that Steve Carroll, leading authority on sales and leadership in the digital age, plans to deliver in the Digital Live 2020 program – a 12-week practical program bringing together the top digital masterminds in the country to deliver real estate specific tools and skills to industry professionals. 

But that’s not where his mission ends. 

Steve is using this program (alongside charity bike rides) to raise vital funds to improve access to education for disadvantaged children – particularly computer literacy and digital education – which in turn dramatically improves their ability to secure employment later in life. 

Digital Live is more than an industry-leading education program; it was created in 2017 as a not-for-profit vehicle that enables us to drive success in the real estate industry while also supporting charities that support underprivileged children in Thailand,” Steve explains. 

“Since 2018, we’ve proudly partnered with Australian charity Hands Across the Water, whose primary purpose is to provide a life of choice for disadvantaged children in Thailand; children who are orphaned, abandoned, or at-risk and in need of care.” 

The Digital Live 2020 program is a 12-week digital program (including a one-day hands-on event), that allows members to build an online footprint that engages audiences and builds relationships, with all profits going to the Hands charity. 

“We’ve engaged 10 of the top digital masterminds in the country as coaches for the program,” Steve says.

“These coaches will not only provide a personalised digital scorecard and snapshot of a person’s digital footprint, they’ll coach participants at full-day events in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, as well as provide 12 weeks of dynamic and industry-leading online education to members.” 

With so much on offer and delivery via a flexible approach to learning for busy professionals, the program ticks all boxes for those in the industry wanting to open the doors to driving success through digital platforms. 

Steve also says Digital Live has stepped out of the training realm in 2019 and jumped on to two wheels, all in the name of fundraising and bringing the industry together. 

“In 2019 we had our first Digital Live Ride, taking 30 real estate professionals to Thailand to ride over 500km to raise money for Hands charity,” Steve says.

“Apart from a great time and a massive ‘human upgrade’ for participants, the ride also provided funds to the amount of $252,000, as well as memories that will no doubt last a lifetime. In 2020, we will be heading back again with 90 riders joining us this time.” 

Steve calls on the support of the professionals in the real estate industry to get behind Digital Live, gaining access not only to tools and education that will lead to future real estate business success, but also supporting the mission to change the lives of little people across the water. 

“To be able to directly access the keys to digital success, while also contributing vital funds that directly change the lives of children, well, it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?” 

Visit for full program details and ticket purchase, or contact Steve Carroll on [email protected] for more information

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