Client care that converts: Tanja Neven-Jones

“Past clients are the lifeblood of your business. Put them in your database, over-service them. And even if they do stay in that home for 20 years, I tell you, they will tell every single person, every friend, family member who was thinking of selling about you, if you just treat them like gold.“ Tanja Neven-Jones

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Tanja Neven-Jones is a multi award-winning agent at O’Brien Real Estate Melbourne.

After starting in the industry in 2003, Tanja found herself rebuilding her career from scratch after a business venture didn’t pan out as expected.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast, Tanja shares the strategies that helped her establish a successful real estate career, not just once, but twice.

She also offers a unique perspective of how she got back up and running quickly courtesy of tools that every agent should draw on.

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Tanja and Samantha also discuss:

  • How to use warm data to achieve quick success
  • Why client care wins you listings
  • How to avoid being a real estate stalker but still have regular touch points with clientele
  • Why 1000 names on a database is more than enough to create a stellar sales career
  • How to get your head in the right space after a career setback
  • Why conversion occurs long before you enter a client’s loungeroom
  • And more…

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