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Supercharge Your Gmail and Grow Your Business

We have been talking a lot about big data and how you can use it in prospecting and nurturing your potential and existing customers. This nifty Gmail plug-in called Clearbit Connect is a really simple tool which has the potential to give you loads of information about someone from their business email address.

How Clearbit Connect Works
Without getting in the technicals, it is able to access and cross-check against 250 global data sets and presents important insights to you directly in Gmail.

You can:

  • Mouse over the sender’s name in your Gmail Inbox and Clearbit Connect will display information related to that email address.


  • Use the ‘Find an Email’ option in the Clearbit drop-down menu to search for an unknown email address if you know the name of the company they work for.

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Four Ways Clearbit can Help Grow Business

1. Qualify and Customise Your Communication

You can generate the greatest lead quantity, but that doesn’t amount to much if you can’t close them. Gaining insight into your customers puts you on the front foot when you go to appraise. Do your customer research before you meet in person so you maximise your chances to successfully win a listing.

Clearbit Connect provides data points, such as where the customer works, the size of that company, personal website addresses, geographic location and other personal details. You can work on personalising communication with your customer, so your messaging is relevant and timely to their specific needs.

2. Insights and Connection via Social

A typical lead capture form only gives you basic information about a potential client. You don’t know what they care about the most when it comes to real estate or the situations they deal with on a daily basis. Clearbit Connect gives you links to the person’s social network profiles, providing you with a powerful information source. You get a sense of their moods, perspectives and where they’re at in their real estate journey.

3. Build Richer Profiles in your CRM

Use Clearbit Connect to not only look at new customer information but fill in any gaps in your existing database. You can only build a customer for life strategy if you have up-to-date and accurate contact information.

4. Save Time

Eliminate wasted time that’s typically spent on manually searching through data sources for this same information. Automating the first half of the process and seamlessly integrating it into Gmail lets you focus on the bits that benefit from having a human touch.

For property managers you could also do a super quick tenancy application spot check. Not saying you should replace your existing check process, as all company information is not available, but you could use the ‘Find an Email” option to quickly confirm employment details given on a tenancy application.

Anyone who used and loved Rapportive which did the same thing but disappeared a while ago will love using this. As with any plug-in or extension read the fine print about what the product is accessing. Connect does come with an up-front warning, that it requires “read” access to your email.

You can install Clearbit Connect via the Chrome App store: ClearbitConnect

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