Claudio: will effort or energy generate the best results?

Will giving your best effort obtain you the best results? On the surface - yes. But, as Claudio Encina explains, there's a lot more to it. Claudio says the quality of the energy you put into each and every task will have the biggest impact on not just your results, but those around you.

As a leader, your team buys one thing from you every day – energy.

Your team feeds off your energy.

People are attracted to a particular frequency you can use to propel your team and your clients.

With the market becoming more like a rollercoaster by the week, it’s easy for clients and your team to drain your energy.

You might feel tired, and broken mentally, emotionally and physically, especially as the year ends. 

Learning to manage your energy is an important part of your success. 

You know the saying, “Energy goes where focus goes”. 

It’s super important to manage these four energy channels to eliminate the stresses and pressure from real estate:

  1. Quantity energy: exercise and diet directly correlate with high energy.
  2. Quality energy: is managing the emotional energy and what you let consume you.
  3. Focus energy: is having the mental energy to prospect and negotiate deals.
  4. Intense energy: is tapping into your spiritual energy. Mediation is a great way to align your body and soul.

It’s not about the effort but the energy you put into these channels that can impact all areas of your business and personal life.

Investing your best effort is different from investing your best energy.

Best effort simply refers to the quantity or volume of energy invested.

Energy, including human energy, possesses quantity, quality focus and intensity.

It’s pretty clear what quantity means, but what about quality?

Just like petrol has an octane rating from low to high, there are also different qualities of human energy.

The highest quality energy comes from hormonal releases associated with positive emotions such as hope, optimism and challenge.

The lowest quality energy comes from hormonal releases associated with anger, fear, guilt, jealousy and revenge.

You must produce positive emotions to be at your peak and function optimally.

For example, in the focus energy channel, even if you make your best effort, if it is scattered and unfocused, you will receive a much lower return on that energy investment than if you were focused.

The four energy channels will help you generate more energy each day, so plug in and be conscious of it, not just for you but for your team. 

With the new year upon us, you can do three key things in your business and get the team involved, which I call the 3R Principal:

  1. reflect
  2. recharge
  3. refocus.

Reflect: Review your business and understand where your results were generated in 2022.

Reviewing your business will help you see where opportunities and breakthroughs can be made in 2023.

What major lessons did you learn in 2022 from your customers, challenges, the market and your competition?

The answers will help you start mapping out a plan for next year.

Recharge: Take the next few weeks to recharge the batteries for the new year because sometimes real estate feels like it just takes and takes from you.

Many agents could relate to this last year’s challenging market, so get reenergised to take on 2023 by planning three mini breaks in your diary.

It will help you work on a completely new level and be more engaged with your team.

Refocus: Do you have a plan to avoid last year’s mistakes? What are the short and long-term goals for your business in 2023?

Make this the year where you focus on the right areas rather than areas that drain and dilute your attention and energy.

Plan 2023 completely by designing ideas, actions, outcomes and results. 

Your team buy your energy, so decide and design how you will show up!

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