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Christmas Comes Early for PropertyTree Customers

Rockend’s cloud-based property management system PropertyTree has welcomed three new enhancements set to simplify the work-lives of property managers.

The first of these features is Invoice Genius, an intuitive tool that simultaneously automates the processing of creditor invoices, and eliminates the laborious task of manually entering these invoices.

Beyond digitising invoices and automating workflows, Invoice Genius helps property managers work smarter by:

  • Eliminating manual data entry errors as it reads the data directly from the barcode or QR code on the invoice, and eliminating creditor invoice payment errors.
  • Providing an increased level of transparency and clarity in document storage, through the PropertyTree document drop.
  • More than halving the amount of time usually spent processing creditor invoices. With Invoice Genius, Property Managers can say goodbye to the usual 40 seconds per invoice to approximately 5-10 seconds each instead.
Andrew Emanuelli

“As approximately 60% of invoices are now coded, Invoice Genius has been engineered to read and process both QR codes and barcodes, giving you back 60% of the time you would usually invest in data entry. It’s the first digital document management system in property software that has this ability.” explains Product owner and document management expert, Andrew Emanuelli.

The next function, the Statistics Report, is the result of listening to customer feedback and is designed to give customers a holistic, high-level view of the data needed to best measure business performance, the report enables them to make informed, data-driven decisions. And, best of all, this data is presented in a single report to help simplify their processes and put more time back into their days for them to spend on what matters.

Whether you’re a franchisee managing 2000+ properties or an independent start-up with 50 properties on your rent roll, the Statistics Report can benefit you and your business by:

  • Generating the data that indicates the areas of your business that are doing well and those that may require attention, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that result in continuous improvement in both departmental and overall business performance.
  • Pulling data from all the different areas of your business and itemising them in a single report.
  • Allowing you to tailor results, choosing to report on an accounting period or date range, drilling down to Residential or Commercial Property Management, Sales or even further into an individual portfolio.
  • Restricting access to this report to users with Administration or Super User access to protect the sensitive nature of the data.

The third enhancement is the Integration Platform which will allow the software to integrate with a range of quality providers. The first iteration of this is the integration with Inspection Manager. HappyCo, Property Inspection Manager and Rentfind Inspector are currently undertaking routine testing and will be opening their virtual doors to mutual customers soon.

Michael Momdijian.

“The integration means that all PropertyTree users will now be able to connect with the mentioned providers and pass information securely between PropertyTree and the 3rd party application of their choice. Making the end to end process of scheduling, completing, reporting and communicating inspections as efficient and seamless as possible,” states API product owner, Michael Momdijian.

More API’s will continue to be added to the platform in the future as Rockend continues to listen to and respond to their customers’ needs with the aim of improving their working lives.

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