Central Coast real estate group announces big changes

One of the Central Coast’s largest and most reputable real estate businesses is set to shake up the local industry with the announcement of a major re-brand, which launched on September 1.

Longstanding Principal Andre Kubecka and his team are exiting their group of 15 years to re-emerge as Brand Property, an exciting new Independent Group that is set to transform their thriving business.

From humble beginnings in 2005, Mr Kubecka and his wife Samantha have built one of the largest real estate portfolios in the region.

During the COVID-19 pandemic when local agencies were forced to lay off employees, Brand Property was actually in a position to employ extra staff to help service their growing business.

“A lot of our competitors shut up shop, but our staff worked throughout the pandemic. The business has doubled in size over the past four years,” Mr Kubecka said.

Mr and Mrs Kubecka said re-branding was all about wanting the outside of their business to reflect what they look and feel like on the inside – an innovative, prosperous and forward-thinking company with a great culture.

While they have thrived with the support of their previous franchise group, they now feel that they need to keep up with the industry by presenting something fresh, new and exciting.

Working with newly appointed General Manager Andrew Lane and Menace Group – Marketing. Digital.Social’s Kevin Spiteri, Mr and Mrs Kubecka have developed their vision of a smart, progressive and independent real estate brand that is modern, minimal and reflective of the growing and changing needs of the property market on the Central Coast.

Presenting a fresh new logo – grey lettering with a lower case ‘b’ and a dash of pink underline – Mr Spiteri said the group wanted to create a brand identity that encapsulates elements of strength, femininity, sophistication and a sense of calm and composure.

“Many real estate agencies are still presented as a ‘boys club’, but research shows that both the selection of an agent for listing a property, and the respective purchase of a property, is primarily influenced by the female,” he said.

“Menace worked closely with Brand over 12 months to bring this to life. Every touch point in the market needed to be considered, from sign boards to business cards, brochures through to building signage.

“What makes this so exciting is that Andre and Samantha want to set the tone for growth, leading by example and not looking to others for approval.

“It is evident that many agencies are not progressive enough, are happy with the status quo and comfortable with the state of the market. Andre and Samantha have set out to change all this, believing in the concept if you aren’t moving forward, you’re going backwards.”

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