Business in Paradise and playing to strengths

“No one finds it easy in the first six months of real estate, so it's going to be tough, but stick it out because on the other end it's an incredible career. I can't picture myself doing anything else.”

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Conor Canning from PRDNationwide Hobart might have found love in ‘paradise’ earlier this year and he’s proud of that. But he’s equally proud of the business and team he’s built; three offices in beautiful Hobart and consistently among a handful of top performers in the state.

In this exclusive episode of the Elevate podcast, Conor explains why he put his career on hold for a shot at love in paradise, what marketing strategies he uses for growth on his digital platforms , and why he hires solutions-focused agents. 

Conor also reveals how to build your online presence through tailoring content and building credibility in the online marketplace and his top tips for new agents in the industry. 

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In this episode of The Leadership Diaries Samantha and Conor also discuss: 

  • Why first time agents need to set realistic expectations and targets within their first year
  • The importance of supportive business partners and playing to people’s strengths 
  • Utilising digital tools during COVID-19 to keep clients informed of updates and changes 
  • The question Conor asks during each interview and what it tells him about their experience and character
  • How Conor and the team are positioning themselves on getting a foothold in the high-end market in Hobart
  • The 10 Golden Rules of PRDnationwide and why they’re essential in the induction process
  • The power of digital platforms and how to strengthen your brand while growing your follower count
  • Staying focused and hungry in the next twelve months and ensuring his team do not become complacent
  • plus of course, some of the ‘goings-on’ behind the scenes on Bachelor in Paradise and much much more…


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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.