Brisbane inner-city specialist announces solo venture

"I've never felt so happy with where I'm at. I'm just so excited to do business again. Even my family said the other day that I seem like a different person and I can absolutely feel it." - Phillip Harrigan

Phillip Harrigan was once a ‘big company’ man, but a yearning to break free of the corporate structure and build his own brand has seen him launch Harrigan Property Group – and he’s not looking back.

Harrigan Property Group builds on Phillip’s experience to become the go-to agency for Brisbane’s CBD and inner suburbs.

And while he is open to all prospects, Phillip has a passion for one particular sector.

“I love riverfront opportunities. It’s something I’ve become very good at and that I feel passionate about selling,” he says.

But Phillip’s journey to solo success has been more than a decade in the making.

He was once on the track to a corporate career with accounting juggernaut, Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) – a firm where millionaire partner paydays are a regular event.

But he discovered his skillset lay beyond the office cubical.

“I loved working at PwC and the exposure that we had to clients like Rio Tinto, BHP, Hastings Deering – big clients – it was wonderful, but I just knew in my heart, I didn’t want to become an auditor.”

So, he approached recruitment agencies, looking to start a new chapter.

“My grandmother in Proserpine transitioned into real estate in her 60s and I remember doing all sorts of things with her like letterbox drops and putting up sign boards around the cane farming town.

“Her involvement, knowing what she did, sparked my interest.”

In 2009, Phillip kicked off with one of the big groups under the mentorship of a top-performer which, he said, was ideal for learning the trade before branching out on his own.

“Over the 12 years, I have worked between Brisbane CBD and New Farm, specialising in inner-city real estate.”

While Phillip said he enjoyed the big-agency experience, comments from regular clients had him thinking about a new move.

“They kept saying to me, ‘You do a great job and we’ve had some wonderful outcomes with you… why don’t you do something on your own?'”

Phillip said he’d built up an enviable book of contacts, so he analysed his listings and sales figures and came upon a startling realisation.

“I crunched the figures to what I was writing and where those people were coming from and close to 80 per cent of my contracts and sales every year were from repeat business.

“I thought, ‘It’s time to back yourself and go for it!’

“I’ve asked people why they came to me for repeat business, and it was because they wanted to work with me.

“The brand I worked under was irrelevant – I’d built my career to the point where it was my service offering, my reputation, how I’ve dealt with clients that was winning me listings.”

Phillip reached out to one-time competitor, now business mentor, Dan Argent to see how his UrbanX platform could help.

“I watched Dan launch the UrbanX model and was impressed with how it was rolled out, so it was just a matter of me asking, ‘Is this going to be the right fit for me 12 years on from now?’

“There were a few recruiters calling from other big-agency brands too, but in the end UrbanX gave me the control to do my own thing and the opportunity to put my name on the door, and that’s really important to me.”

From the moment Phillip joined the platform, he felt like he was part of a new professional family.

“I couldn’t praise the UrbanX team more.

“They’re always readily available and they’re always wanting to support me. They’re saying, ‘Right! We’re all in this together. You’ve partnered with us and we’ve partnered with you. We got a common goal so let’s go!'”

Phillip said putting aside fears and leaving a franchise to start his own business under UrbanX has been his best move yet.

“It’s been fantastic. Simple things like changing my LinkedIn profile and the old rumour mill of Brisbane have shocked me in a good way with all the unexpected support. People keep saying, ‘I just can’t believe you’ve finally done it – it’s such a good move for you.'”

Phillip now looks forward to expanding Harrigan Property Group over the next six to 12 months.

“I want to grow a team, put the recruitment feelers out there and either skill-up people that want to come into the industry or find others who’ve been in the industry and have an appetite to grow to the next level.

“After all, success is all about support.”

For more information, check out www.urbanx.io.

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