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Brad Wilson on growing exponentially with online auctions

Chairman’s Elite agent Brad Wilson, from Ray White, has seen his numbers explode thanks to the online auction process, closing more than 120 transactions last year and growing when many saw sale numbers decline.

Brad embraced the online auction process during the early days of Covid, even though he operates in an area where everyone told him it wouldn’t work and that decision changed his career forever.

In this interview with Ray White Head of Performance and Recognition, Bianca Denham, Brad talks about his journey to Chairman’s Elite agent and the process he uses to run highly successful online auction campaigns.

He also discusses how he is able to get eight registered bidders to each online auction, how to be proactive with your buyers and educate them and why online auctions can add entertainment value and drive more listings.

“Auction really was the solution. It made it more fair for buyers and it made it great for sellers. For sellers, it created an environment where the best buyers were going at it. For buyers, they had transparency.” – Brad Wilson

Bianca and Brad also discuss:

  • How to grow your confidence and come out of your shell when starting in real estate.
  • Why the quickest way to grow your business is by expanding your team.
  • Why private treaty can be hard to manage when the market is hot.
  • How to use the online auction process in an area where it isn’t traditionally done.
  • The three key things to make auctions work in any area.
  • Why you need to focus on educating buyers when using online auctions.
  • What a buyer’s associate needs to do to bring in more bidders and offers.
  • How Brad is able to get eight registered bidders for every online auction.
  • The power of online auctions and why it is the best option for buyers and sellers and to create buzz in the community.
  • The importance of finding the right people to fit a high-paced team.

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Rowan Crosby

Rowan Crosby is a senior journalist at Elite Agent specialising in finance and real estate.