Bolstering productivity and customer service: David Holman

“I think the biggest gain in productivity, is to create that level of collaboration and to create the spaces that really allow people to have those key conversations, meet each other and start talking about what they’re doing in their day, their work and hopefully then say how can we help each other be better?” – David Holman

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David Holman’s career began in New Zealand, initially in banking and then later moving across into the energy industry. In the early 2000s David moved to Australia to discover new opportunities, bringing with him his knowledge and passion for business development, whilst maximising shareholder value. 

Gaining invaluable experience across multiple roles working for leading Australian energy retailers, he understands these regulated industries and the need to stay ahead of the game.  

David currently looks after a dynamic team of over 1100, located in the iconic Bryant & May building in Melbourne. As the Chief Executive Officer of Direct Connect he knows that in a highly competitive industry involving real estate, it is important to understand customers and continue to evolve with technology.

In this episode Samantha and David discuss:

  • The quirky features in the Direct Connect office and how they bolster productivity
  • We take a look at David’s background, including what his first job in a supermarket deli taught him that’s still relevant today
  • The big energy trends that have gained serious momentum in 2019, including consumer demands for renewable energy
  • The ever-escalating demands to create the ideal customer experience
  • The role of technology and the push towards a “one-click move”
  • David’s key advice for new leaders.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.