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Betty Ockerlander – systems and sales

McGrath top performer Betty Ockerlander is a finalist for the AREAs Agent of the Year 2019 – and she says loving what she does is a big drive to do it well

What’s your most memorable moment/highlight for 2019? 
I think my career highlight for this year was winning the REINSW Sales Agent of The Year. I was humbled to receive it, especially as I was up against such tough competition. I was lucky to have my team with me too, which felt amazing. They play a big part in what I do. I am also so proud of my truly angelic granddaughter Eliza who turned 10 this year.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt this year?
I love being a mentor and teacher to my team and others, but I am often frustrated with myself that I can’t always get the messages across. I had an epiphany (and proof) this year and have accepted that we all learn at our own pace, and it is ok to keep finding new ways to get my messages across.

What do you do differently to others in the real estate industry? 
I am consistent and transparent. I find it better to be open and honest with everyone so I can sleep well at night and can get up the next day at 5am and do everything I love again. As I love what I do, I want to ensure that everything is done really well, so I employ my team to make sure I don’t miss anything or anyone – meaning buyers. I like a fast response time myself, and I want to give the same to others, so I ensure my systems and processes are in place as I want consistent results.

What’s the biggest myth people have about agents, and what needs to happen to change that perception?
All agents are the same. There is nothing further from the truth. There are good agents who have a moral and ethical compass and do everything possible to ensure their clients achieve the best experience and results. On the other side, there are more agents who are in our industry for the money and don’t care how they achieve a sale. I work with the REINSW to ensure that The Path to Professionalism will happen.

What would winning agent of the year mean to you?
I am not the type to let things go to my head. The AREA is a big deal as it is Australia-wide. It would boost my self-confidence and help me to believe that I am doing the right thing and have something to teach others.

What are your goals professionally and personally for 2020?Professionally I am always about tweaking and improving so I want to take my team to another level. I like to work systematically and with purpose. Personally, I am looking forward to taking two of my grandchildren to Disneyland.

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